Felt Fantastic! // Part 1.

A material I once relegated to the children’s craft bin, I have re-kindled my love for this fuzzy fabric. I have found it to be quite fun and easy to work with, using it on whimsical and simple projects that make my space a little brighter.

My first brush with felt again occurred 2 winters ago, when I was inspired to use it to make little stocking ornaments with my friends’ names embroidered on them to be holiday place settings at a potluck dinner. Alas, I have no photos, but the stack of felt was in my hands, and even greater projects were in store.

Beautiful craft project time!

Project time!

(queue dramatic storytelling sequence…)

One lonely rainy night, I was all alone, perusing Pinterest, a source of inspiration and enjoyment. I was repinning and repinning, as I always do, when I came upon this darling little DIY from the Purl Bee. As I placed it in my ever growing DIY pinboard, a troubling  thought hit me… I have never actually DONE any of these DIY’s I have so lovingly pinned!

Looking through the tutorial these little coasters seemed easy enough to do, and I had materials at hand…so the rest was history!

Coaster Steps

Well, actually, not quite.

You see, once you actually start doing the projects instead of just pinning them, you realize it takes time. So the boyfriend was enlisted to help trimming the triangle centers, and I even showed him how to do a basic running stitch to make his own. But alas, hand sewing takes time and schedules get the best of us all.  After only two completed coasters, the project was bagged up and life goes on.

Don’t worry though! It’s not a sad ending! Just a realistic one. The entire 9 piece set I cut out has almost reached completion, with only two left to go!

This project was a good kick-start for me to actually start doing things instead of observing them, as well as reminding me of the time and effort that ARE involved in the process of making things. I am really excited how they turned out too! Simple and cute and will go perfectly in my new place! If you need a fun, basic project I highly recommend this one, its perfect for getting you going, but can easily be done while watching the latest episodes of Mad Men!

Stitching away

Stitching away!

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