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From the very moment I saw the post on DesignLoveFest announcing the dates for BlogShop in Vancouver, I knew I needed to be a part of it and started arranging plans to get myself there! No mountain high or valley low, baby, I was going to get me some Photoshop learning! Little did I know of what exactly was in store for me.

For those of you who might not know, BlogShop is a two day super-jam-packed workshop focused on teaching the ins and outs of Photoshop in the context of blogging. From the basics of what tools are which, all the way to fancy (yet still do-able in 5 minutes!) applications that can make all your photos POP! All taught by the amazing, funny and talented Bri Emery (DesignLoveFest) and Angela Kohler (Angela +Ithyle).

I had liked to think I was fairly knowledgeable in the realm of Photoshop, that I knew my way around, but looking back now, I think I was more like a caveman mindlessly bashing his hands into the keyboard.


The very first thing we covered was the basic functions of the program, and I have to admit, I mentally prepared to just fly through this part, thinking I knew it all. Was I ever wrong. I think that first half an hour had the most “OHMIGOODNESS ARE YOU SERIOUS?” moments. From then on I was ready to soak up every little bit of knowledge they had to offer.

The biggest asset taken away from this class was the ability to save time, with shortcuts and methods that are far simpler than I  had previously been doing them. No longer am I afraid that prepping a blog post would need hours of time set aside.  A huge +1 for efficiency!

Ohmigosh the FLOWERS. Talk about amazing.

Ohmigosh the FLOWERS. Talk about amazing.

Beyond the incredible lesson plan and activities to practice these skills, BlogShop was a haven for inspiration. Beautiful decor, delicious food and snacks, a unique venue, it was like living in a dream. Not to mention all the current and future bloggers in attendance. These ladies were such an amazing bunch, all full of their own ideas and sharing a passion for a beautiful life.

Being a usually shy person, I was worried I wouldn’t have the chance to be very social, but everyone was so open, welcoming and enthusiastic, I felt right at home. I even got the opportunity to do a mini photo shoot with Destani of Peaches and Mischief in the courtyard. Talk about awesome.

Yes. Yes we do. nom.

Yes. Yes we do. nom.

We were also treated to a little goodie bag of inspirational items to keep filling us with joy. I am especially excited to play around with that mini calligraphy kit from Blue Eye Brown Eye. It’s something I have always wanted to try. Although I can imagine I will probably end up with a lap full of ink.


I left the weekend feeling enriched, enlightened and inspired. I just want to start pumping out a million posts, redesign my site and start creating content everyday. However I know that it wouldn’t be sustainable to do so, so these things will come one step at a time, but I am full of excitement and joy to do so, and I hope you can feel it too.

Bri and Angela are seriously kick-ass!

Bri and Angela are seriously kick-ass!

For anyone who has a blog, who didn’t go to graphic design school, I highly recommend this class! And even if you don’t have one yet, this is a great place to remove your doubts about your presentation skills, and will surely give you the confidence to get started! The knowledge gained can apply to more than just blogging too! I know my friends and family are going to get much prettier birthday cards this year and my to do list taped to my wall will be getting a pretty facelift.

Thanks so much to Angela and Bri for coming up to Canada and sharing their skills and wisdom with all of us. I am sure our blogs will never be the same!



5 thoughts on “BlogShop Vancouver

  1. Hi, just came across your blog and wanted to say hi and that it was great meeting you! I had so much fun interning at Blogshop. Loved helping all you guys out and seeing all the fun and colourful stuff you created.
    Stay in touch 🙂

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