Felt Fantastic! // Part 2

Now with piles of fuzzy leftovers from my coaster and holiday project, I wasn’t quite sure where to go next on the felt project front.

Luckily, Valentines’ Day was approaching and I needed an idea fast. Felt was a friend indeed.

felt heart

Rory and I don’t often do traditional in terms of Valentines day. He makes me visual puzzles made with 8-bit hearts in Photoshop, and  I ambush his front door with about 50 paper hearts (which mostly end up getting soggy in the melting snow). This year I intended to make a felt garland which I would lovingly string across his front door which would then lovingly clothesline him as he was inevitably running late out the door. I had gotten inspirations for heart garlands from Pinterest. (Where else?)

Unfortunately, due to timing and weather again, the clothesline plot would have to be lovingly postponed, but I made the garland anyway, and I love how it turned out.

I didn’t follow directions from any specific tutorial, but I got the idea and just kind of winged it. (Wung it?)


I started by cutting various sizes of hearts from my pink sheets of felt. The variety of sizing allowed me to use as much of the space as I could with producing as little waste as possible. (Which I also have plans for…) For the large hearts, I accordion folded the felt and could then cut out multiple hearts at once and save time. I also did this in red. I planned to alternate the color pattern as it went along.


I then took it too my sewing machine and went to town with a chain stitch.

Sort of.

Oh No!

Oh No!

Sometimes snags and messed up bobbin threads happen. The best thing to do is calmly pin-point the problem, remedy it and move on. This particular knotting happened because I started stitching when my needle wasn’t completely raised, so the looping in the bobbin didn’t happen properly. Things can’t always be perfect.


Once I started alternating colors and sizes I realized I didn’t have an even balance of each. If you wanted to have a cleaner alternating pattern, you could definitely count how many of each size you were cutting, so you could make the same amount of small ones to big ones, two smalls to one big one, or a slow gradation in sizes. This project was a bit last minute, so I didn’t mind the randomness in the sizing. It made it unique.

I did end up hanging it up for Rory on Valentines. Right outside his home office door while he was working. A face full of felt was achieved!

So manly.

So manly.

And of course the cats love it too!

Cinnamon Hearts


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