Ain’t No Party Like a Crafting Party


Do you ever find that sometimes life has a way of keeping you from the really good things? Things like creating things and visiting with friends? I have found that the more I get interested in things, the less time I have to try and do them, and inevitably social outings fall to the wayside as well.

So I decided to combine the two.

Last month I  found that I had a whole Saturday without any meetings, events or other obligations. A WHOLE DAY! I pondered whether I wanted to get some crafting done, or or if I’d rather do some catching up with friends. Then a lightbulb went off. Why not have a bunch of friends over for good eats and gabs, while crafting at the same time! And so the craft party was born.


Luckily my family was on vacation, so I got to borrow my parent’s house, complete with a large kitchen table AND a dining room table to give us crafters some space. I had a sewing space set up in the dining room for the garment makers, a painting/gluing/ scrapbooking table for the paper types, and I prepped an auxillary card making table in the living room just in case.


It was a really fun day, and I got a lot accomplished. It’s amazing how quickly 12 hours can fly by in good company and fun projects. I finished my complete set of business cards, as well as a few more of my citrus coasters. Rory was working with electronics and fabric, making an LED footbag, and other friends made projects like patterned coasters, and these really sweet silhouette art pieces. I really love the one that looks  like the Edmonton river valley.


I am definitely going to host another one of these in the summer, and maybe even get some fabric dying going on in the backyard!

Tips for hosting your own crafting party:

1. Plan in advance, give people lots of notice to find inspiration for projects and to save space in their schedules

2. If you want to see as many friends as possible, consider hosting the party all-day, then people can drop-in as their schedules allow

3. Create a shared Pinterest board with all guests, to share project ideas and maybe collaborate or share supplies

4. Have good noms on hand, or better yet, find some recipes beforehand and make some snacks together!

5. Have enough space set out for the type of projects you anticipate will be made, we don’t want people knocking things onto one another’s projects

6. Have crafty companions on hand to sit in your supply bags

6. Have crafty companions on hand to sit in your supply bags

2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Party Like a Crafting Party

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