Reign Repeats


Last month I signed up for my first SkillShare class. I am always open to the opportunity to learn new things, but I sometimes find it difficult to muster up the motivation to teach myself . When I discovered SkillShare, and the work-at-your-own-pace video tutorial format, I was intrigued and thought it might work for me. I only had to wait for a course I wanted to jump in with. There were many many choices of things I wanted to try but nothing stood out enough for me at such a busy time. Then one day I randomly stumbled upon Reign Repeats: Create Perfect Repeat Patterns in Illustrator on a textile blog. I signed up right then.

I have always had an interest in textile design, and while I know a bit about traditional techniques, (like shibori dyeing), I have only dreamed about  how to create digital patterns. This class is taught by textile designer MaJo Bautista V .The emphasis on learning Illustrator was really important to me, because while I used to be better in Illustrator, I have forgotten much of it since University. MaJo covers all the basics of the program, as well as using it in creating a textile repeat based on a concept.

Look ma! I'm drawing in Illustrator!

Look ma! I’m drawing in Illustrator!

Here are a few snippets of my works so far. MaJo structured the course so that we could enter the Spoonflower design contest at the end. Since we are moving this week, I didn’t make the deadline, but I wanted to share my progress with you. I will share my final design as soon as I finish.

The theme we built our concepts around was the same as the Spoonflower contest, Picnics! It was perfect for this time of year. I was really inspired. She instructed us through brainstorming methods and structuring our concepts.

mood board

This is my visual inspiration board. I want to credit source photos, but I didn’t plan on sharing it with you when I made it. I grabbed things from Pinterest and Google and when I tried to find them again to credit, I couldn’t trace things much further back than tumblr reposts. Next time I will make sure to trace and credit from the beginning.


I always get thirsty at picnics and I have been drinking lemonade like no body’s business this week (it’s been over +30!) so that is where I took my motif.


Refreshing cool retro colors and a day in the sun. The perfect picnic. I will keep you posted with my final results. If you are interested, you can sign up for the course at any time, however MaJo has finished mentoring and giving feedback this week (and the contest deadline has passed). There has been discussion that she will facilitate the course again this fall, so keep an eye out.

Have you ever taken course online to learn something new?

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