DIY Summer Shorts // Part 1


I am back, life is settling back to normal and the sun is shining! (Finally!) The warm sunny days has inspired me with a whole mess of new projects. This first one is a great one for anyone who has basic sewing skills, and has had a favorite pair of jeans that have done this… favorite-pants-with-holes Holes in the knees! And not the good distressed kind, the obvious I-have-worn-these-jeans-so-much-the-knee-has-popped-through kind. Patches and stitching the holes shut is one type of solution, but not the prettiest, and as someone who finds it difficult to find good jeans I didn’t want to toss them. So why not cut them into shorts?! measure-twice The first step was marking where I wanted to cut. I tried last summer to do the same type of project but I cut the legs off while it was flat on the ground. Having them flat didn’t account for the fact that my body is 3-d, so a straight line on the ground was definitely not even once I put my shorts on. So this time I drew a sharpie guide line around the length I wanted to cut while I was wearing them. (I wanted them to be longer, trail shorts instead of short shorts) chop Then it was choppin’ time. hem I wanted to model these shorts after a pair I had long ago, so I wanted to have a large hem at the bottom. I didn’t want to create too much bulk so I folded under the hem once. Once I wash these, the hem might fray. Because it is such a large hem I hope the frays don’t peek out the bottom, and if they do, i’ll just snip the threads with scissors. If you wanted you could serge or zig-zag stitch along the raw edge to keep from fraying. I measured my hem 5 cm up all the way around. pin-and-nom To make sure that I had an even hemline on the outside of my shorts, I flipped my shorts inside out to pin. whirr I then fed it through my sewing machine and made sure that my hemline was straight. (I have notoriously ziggy lines)

Et Voila! A brand spankin’ new pair of shorts that I know fit me perfectly, plus are already soft and broken in. But something special is kind of missing. part2 Can you guess what is going to happen in part 2?

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