DIY Summer Shorts // Part 2

part2banner So as you probably have guessed, I decided to jazz up my new summer shorts with some unique floral detail. I wanted to create a soft bohemian feel, so I found an embroidery pattern on flickr, provided by doe-c-doe.  I wanted the shorts to have a fun, enlarged cross-stitch effect, so I went with large florals with some variety and I wanted the pattern to take over the shorts a bit.  I made sure elements wrapped around front to back, as well as adding parts of the pattern to other places, like the pockets and the other leg. stitching I began by drawing the shape loosely with pencil crayon, I didn’t want to stain the denim permanently, but once I needed to start stitching in the finer details (the x-es) It wasn’t going to cut it. After a brief search for a washable fine point pen, I settled for Sharpie. Once the stitching is on top, it won’t show through much, and if it does, I’d like to think it will be a little like a drop shadow. marking It was actually pretty time consuming to make sure my marks were consistent to the pattern and to each other, especially since denim twill doesn’t have a nice grid like weave. A friend suggested that I could take cross-stitching fabric (or embroidery grid) and lay it on top of the denim and use the sharpie to mark the “holes” in the weave, so I would have a nice little grid dot layout. If I had some on hand, that would probably have been helpful. marks Even more time consuming is the stitching! I have to be very careful to keep consistency between my x-es, so they look neat and refined. choices But now I need your help and opinions! Apparently I am really bad at making up my mind, so I am asking the internet for help. Do you like the thicker stitches on the left, or the narrower ones on the right? And colors? I originally wanted a de-saturated soft boho feel to my shorts, but now that I have drawn on with the sharpie, I am kind of digging the more saturated palette. Thoughts?

Also, this week I am off once again to the beautiful Montreal! I wish I could get some stitching done on the plane. But you know, no pointy things allowed. Hopefully I can find time to get this project finished. These would be perfect to wear to Osheaga!

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