Summer Adventures

summer-adventureIt’s crazy how time flies! Summer is apparently over… everyone is back in school, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, wearing sweaters… every thing is telling us that it is time to think autumn. Not me. Not that I don’t love fall (in fact, it just might be my favorite season), but I am ready to hold on to as much of summer as I can before it departs.

This means reading books in the sunshine, escaping on hikes and outdoor swimming pools whenever possible and sipping cool ICED teas.

A few weeks ago my friends and I took an end-of-summer camping adventure to the land of dinosaurs, Drumheller! The weather was amazing, and though it was only 2 days, it was a weekend full of laughs and memories.


Though many of my friends had spent many childhood adventures here, this was only my second time ever…the first being 18 years ago. (Looking at the time stamp on my photos, almost 18 years to the day). I barely remember it since I was so young but this time I will never forget.


Yup, that’s me rocking the hot pink pants.

The views from the hill tops are breathtaking, and if I had remembered more from geology class I would probably have found the rock formations even more fascinating.

hillsidehoodoosThe best part was that we all realized it was the last bite of summer, so we were full of curiosity, bravery and adventure.


Lauren was not afraid of approaching sharp cliffs.

Also, Rory found a cave.


Here’s to taking in the last of summer adventures, then gracefully succumbing to the awesomeness of autumn in a few weeks. (and not a minute sooner)

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