Autumn Project Sneak Peek

Autumn Project Sneak Peek

A trip to the craft store always gets my head full of new ideas for projects. I tend to spend way too many minutes in the scrapbook paper aisle gazing at all the colors and textures. (Same reason why fabric stores take me so long to get through). Eventually, my basket gets full and I get to take my new puzzle pieces home and put them together into fun new things!

Like pretty much everyone in the blogging world, I LOVE autumn. Cool mornings and sunshine-filled afternoons. Fashionable layers to play with; dresses with leggings, scarves and cute booties (that are just impractical once the snow falls). Pumpkin flavored cupcakes. Big family dinners. Hot chocolate with whipped cream. I could go on forever about this.

Halloween Decorations // Boots & Cats

Also as much as I love the season, I like decorating and creating a mood for the season. Since this is my first year in my own apartment, I have a complete blank slate as to decorations. I have a few projects in mind using glitter papers, scrapbook paper and string. As well as using foam pumpkins for accents. (Hmm…what is she going to make??). I also stocked up on Halloween washi tape. Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I love washi, so it was a no brainer.

Glitter and washi // Boots & Cats

After 3 years since my last print, I had over 550 photos that needed to get printed out. Whoa. It took quite a while at the instant print booth, and some of the staff at Shoppers thought I was insane (after having to change the ink AND the paper for me). Instead of just slotting them into albums and that being that, I decided to take a more creative approach. Not quite as ambitious as a full scrapbook, but something more akin to Project Life. This will be an ongoing endeavor for sure, but I will show you pages as I start to get them going.

Photo book projects // Boots & CatsGlitter Paper and Photos // Boots & Cats

And lastly, now that my last few prints are trickling into the mail box, I will show you the full reveal to the gallery wall I was planning earlier this month. I am so excited to get this one up (and these frames off my floor!

Gallery Wall // Boots & Cats

I hope you are excited as I am for the things that are coming up. October is going to be an awesome month, I can already tell!

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