Autumn Leaf Illuminated Garland


This year, I am falling head over heels for…well, fall. Everywhere I go I see inspiration about this time of year and an opportunity to make my space a little warmer (Both figuratively and literally…) This glowing falling leaves garland is just what the season ordered.

Last week I had to stop at the dollar store for a few odds and ends and noticed the huge tissue paper section. Every color imaginable. So of course I grab a few armfuls. Walking home I started brainstorming what to do with it all as the leaves fell overhead.  This idea instantly popped in my head and I just had to do it. I already had everything else I needed and in total it took about 30 minutes to complete!

supplies // Boots & Cats

What you will need is simply:

  • Autumn toned tissue paper
  • Matching washi tape
  • Scissors
  • A pencil (not shown)
  • Fairy lights (optional, not shown)


The first step is measuring the length of the space you plan on hanging the garland so you can make the strands long enough. The section of wall where I planned to hang mine needed two lengths of the tissue paper to hang nicely.

Then start sketching shapes for your autumn leaves. You may need to go outside or check Google images for reference or a tracing template. A good diverse mix of leaf types will be best.


From the tissue, cut strips with the depth of the leaves you’ve sketched (for best results, use varying dimensions for each color). From here fold the strips accordion style, like you are making a paper doll chain!


Trace one of your leaf designs onto the top piece of your accordion.

The trickiest part of this project is cutting the tissue paper without tearing it, especially with more detailed leaves. Time and patience, friends.

repeat // Boots & Cats

Repeat the first steps for each color and leaf design you’ve chosen to make! (I made three types)


If you need multiple strips of tissue for length like I did, fasten the strips together with matching washi tape. It becomes nearly invisible on the wall.

enjoy // Boots & Cats

Now hang and enjoy! I first hung the fairy lights behind so they would glow through the paper and then layered each color layer on top. To create a more natural ‘pile of leaves’ look, fluff the strands and weave them within the different layers and through the lights.


I am now fully prepared for cool evenings sipping hot cocoa by a warm autumn’s glow.

Warm Glow // Boots & Cats

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