Style // Sixties Autumn


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Autumn! Though the days are shorter and the cold breezes are creeping in, there is honestly NO season better for fashion than this one. We can layer, play with textures, accessorize like mad…it’s the best.


This is my first style post, so I guess I’ll have to mention that I love vintage and retro inspiration. You’ll notice it a lot in future posts. I’ve been really grooving on the mod sixties look as of late (Mad Men and Mod Club aren’t helping) so I decided to channel the era in my walk amongst the leaves. I was very pleased that my hair cooperated with all the teasing.


I was never sure if I wanted to do style posts on the blog. I definitely don’t shop enough to create varied looks every single day (nor would I want to), and I wondered if it would be interesting and engaging enough for people. I decided to go out on a limb, give it a try and have some fun. It was a learning experience for both me and Rory (my camera man). I am not sure if you’ve noticed, but for the most part, I tend to be the one behind the camera on here. It was an exercise in trust to hope he would get the image I envisioned in my head. It was an adventure for him learning the ins and outs of my camera.


The dress I bought at the 104th street farmers market a few weeks back from an Edmonton designer,  Janna of Cinder + Smoke. I was absolutely taken with the graphic fabric, warm and cozy tones and of course the vintage cut and style. To me, it immediately evokes feelings of apple picking, warm pumpkin pie and peppermint tea. (Although I may just be hungry…)


My favorite accessory and sartorial discovery this season has to be the woolen socks with my ankle boots. I purchased the boots a few years back at a fundraiser with my student group. I loved the look but barely wore them, as I was paranoid about the elements as well as my heel would slip if I wore certain tights. Then I discovered in the back of my drawer these knit socks that my grandfather made me even longer ago. Put the two together and boom, you have something I’ve worn about 4 times in the last week. I think I am wearing them as much as I can because I know soon enough I won’t be able to.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving long weekend. Wishing everyone good company, copious laughter and many delicious pies.

3 thoughts on “Style // Sixties Autumn

  1. Love it! You look beautiful, as always, but I particularly love your recent movement to a more 60’s look. Really suits you! P.S. I want socks like that, any ideas for where to find them? All the ones I’ve seen have been nearly knee-high…

    • Awe, thanks Lauren! I have recently discovered that the 60’s does me better than 50’s, and it is a lot easier to wear on a regular basis 🙂 . As for the socks, my grandfather knit these ones for me eons ago, so as to where you can find some, I have no ideas. But I might need to go on the look out for other colors cause they are awesome.

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