Gallery Wall

Gallery wall// Boots & Cats

Here it is! Finally, after all those peeks… the gallery wall is up in my living space. I am quite pleased with it if I do say so myself.

mapping // Boots & Cats

It was an interesting process for me, as I am a perfectionist until the end, taking that step to put nails in the wall was a tough one. At the beginning I was worried I’d have put hundreds of holes in the wall before I got my result. To make sure that didn’t happen I traced the size and shape of each print and frame I wanted to hang  onto brown packing paper (newsprint would also work well). I taped them to the wall with washi tape. With this I could play with the arrangement and spacing of my frames to make sure it worked well on the wall space and had even balance.


Then to make sure I was 100% precise, I measured the distance (height and width) of the frame hook and marked it on the paper.


This probably could have been done before placing them on the wall, but I hadn’t thought that far ahead.

rrrrrip // Boots & Cats

From there I could just plunk the nails where I marked my X, and rip the paper away.


I then hung all my frames and voila! It was a lot easier than I had initially expected, and I am happy I took the steps to make sure everything was as perfect as I could get.

because cats //Boots & Cats

I really wanted to make sure my wall looked curated and not totally thrown together. I arranged my prints on the floor before taping the paper to the wall to get a general idea of what looked good together. I wanted an even distribution of color, size and frame weight. (I also unintentionally discovered the combo “You can do anything, but not everything…because cats”. Amazing)


I was also happy to incorporate my thread rack into the visual mix, since this wall is a part of my creative space.


In summary, my tips for a successful gallery wall:

  • Choose artwork or photos with a general theme or color palette. Most of my images relate to cats, but the ones that don’t have similar artistic styles, or are photos with similar colors. It is an eclectic mix, but still cohesive.
  • Make sure there is visual balance between light and heavy pieces, as well as spacing.
  • Map out the placement beforehand to see how the shapes work in your space.
  • Just go for it! You can always change it up, or even just change a few pieces as time goes on. (Patching holes in drywall isn’t all that bad, right?)

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