Halloween Garland


Months ago I spotted this amazing backdrop that was at Blogshop LA and immediately bookmarked it, planning on re-creating it in the future. Then, Bri kindly shared a full make it tutorial for the project in September. It was the kick I needed to get up and make one! With Halloween approaching at that point it was a no-brainer that it was going to be spooky themed!


The process is fairly simple, if not time-consuming. In the tutorial they just used solid colored cardstock, but I opted for paper with varying textures and finishes to create more variety and dimension on my wall. I made sure my colors were Halloween-ey enough and cut out a variety of geometric shapes, circles, squares, diamonds, thin rectangles. You can get away with anything really.


One thing I didn’t consider when selecting specialty papers (like glitter paper) was that the finish was one sided…and garland flips and moves when hung. Luckily, once again, washi tape to the rescue! On my black glitter paper I covered the back side with black polka dot washi. Now it is even more dynamic!


Once your shapes are cut out- feel free to stitch away! At first I didn’t know how long I needed, so I just started sewing. Turns out, one 30cm x 30cm piece of scrapbook paper gets you almost 4 meters of squares and triangles! This helped me set a mark for how much I would need of the larger shapes that would end up needing more paper.


Although, make sure your machine is threaded properly before commencing the stitching. Oops.


And then  keep stitching and stitching until you have as many strands as you desire. I ended up using 7 strands with different colors. It was a good mix and not too overwhelming nor simple.


The next step is to hang them! I have a large open space in my living room wall, so it was ideal for me. You could definitely hang it anywhere! I like the idea of hanging it in a corner in Bri’s tutorial.

*TIP* When storing your strands before hanging them…don’t leave them in a pile together. They tangle worse than headphones.


Since we are renting, I didn’t want to use push pins and put holes in the wall, nor did I want to use sticky tack as I was afraid it would ruin the paper when I took it down. I want to reuse these! Luckily (again!) I had matching washi tape for each color strand. I used this to fasten the strands to the wall, and it blends in really well!


I started hanging with the larger shapes underneath and layered the other colors on top, playing with different heights and drape. You kind of need to fiddle with it to get it looking balanced and not too disheveled. Then you are done! To add to the spookiness I added two glitter paper bats above the bow.  Since I chose to place it on the open wall…it is a perfect photo backdrop! (I made these super easy cat ears with this tutorial!)


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend full of spooktacular fun! I can’t wait until Halloween next week. It’s my favorite holiday.

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