Five Eerily Easy Halloween Decorations (that can be done last minute!)


It’s Halloween! You are having a party! Wait…you don’t have any decorations….

Starting off in this new apartment meant starting from scratch when it came to holiday decorations. That meant I had complete freedom to make everything. Both a challenge and an adventure, I had so much fun making all my spooky things! Here are 5 of my Halloween decorations that were super easy to make (30 minutes or less, not counting drying time) and are totally do-able for last minute prep for an event.

Starting from the most time-consuming to the least…

1. Spooky Candle Holder


What you’ll need: A glass or jar, glitter glue pens

Take your regular old cup or jar, and give it a spooky motif! Using glitter glue pens, decorate the sides with a web pattern. Start on one side of the glass and draw vertical lines, fanning out at somewhat regular intervals. Connect the vertical lines with a swooping motion to get the web effect. Repeat on the opposite side of the glass. Optional: When dried, use a different color of glitter glue to hi-light and accent the web lines. Let dry and place a candle inside (I have an LED one in there since my “glass” was plastic) or fill it with your favorite treats.

2. Glitter Bats


What you’ll need: Glitter scrapbook paper OR black construction paper and black glitter

These glitter bats are perfect for accents around the house! On the back of your scrapbook paper, trace out the design of your bat in pencil. Draw the bats in various sizes. Cut out and stick to the wall with sticky tack or loops of painters tape. If you don’t have glitter paper, cut out bat shapes from black construction paper. With an old paintbrush, coat the top of the bat with white glue, then coat with black glitter.

3. Washi Web


What you’ll need: Black washi tape.

Add a spider web to your decor without using that candy floss stuff. Choose a wall or fixture that needs some webbing and create a spider web using strips of washi tape. Make sure that your strips are straight and don’t have any creases or bubbles, otherwise you really can’t go wrong. Optional, add a spider with the leftover paper from making bats.

4. Decorative Stripes


What you’ll need: Seasonally colored washi tape.

Make a corner of your home more seasonally appropriate by adding some decorative striping. I made a little autumn scene on my kitchen island by adding stripes of tape on the wall in orange and brown tones. I finished the look with some pumpkins and flowers. This can be done anywhere, for any season with any tones of tape.

5. Masked Pumpkin


What you’ll need: A pumpkin and a mask

The easiest decoration of them all. Didn’t have time to carve that pumpkin this year? Find a masquerade mask and tie it on. Done! Seriously, so easy and ties the whole Halloween feel together.

Voila! You’ve done it. Decorated and ready to go for tonight. I have also supplemented the apartment with the Halloween garland and some spooky ghost pinatas (tutorial here).


Have a spooktacular Halloween everyone!

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