Craft Party // # 2

Craft Party #2 // Boots & Cats This weekend I held the second rendition in what I hope to make a commonly reoccurring event. It was craft party time! The thing I love most about hosting this event so far is the quality creative and social time with my friends as well as the fact that I get SO many crafty things done when I set aside an entire day to do so. The time just FLYS by. snowglobe // Boots & Cats Unlike the last event held in the spring, we had this weather to deal with. While it inhibited some guests’ attendance, it was an amazingly lovely snowglobe view from the craft space. It also was nice and cozy when it was time for tea. Craft Buffet // Boots & Cats We had a wide array of smaller projects going on this time, so we each got more than one project going by the time the day was out.  Despite the project array, the mess was actually kept to a minimum, (with the grand exception of gold glitter) which was amazing considering the amount of crafting surfaces was severly decreased from the last event. Tiny Snowman! // Boots & Cats Earlier in the week a friend sent me an image of little sock snowmen and I got more excited than I should have been. These were the first things crafted during this afternoon. It had to be done. Here’s a sneak peek of the little guy, more details to come later this month. Festive Cards // Boots & Cats The snow also brought feelings of the holiday season, and these creative Christmas tree cards are simple, but are so beautiful. Hooray for Pinterest for having the best inspiration and craft ideas. stamps // Boots & cats Rory took to detail work and hand carved a footbag stamp, and explored coloring options and varying effects. I love the look and versatility of a stamp for cards and scrapbooking. With so many craft supplies ‘out-of-the-box’ it hadn’t occurred to me that it was even possible to craft my own. Project for holiday cards this year?? Celery Stamps // Boots & Cats I took the stamping inspiration to heart when preparing dinner. After slicing the celery I noticed the heart looked like a rose. Possible gift tags? It was really fun and freeing to take an observation to craft in 2 minutes.

Popsicle stick snowflakes, paper Christmas trees and tissue pom poms (more on the poms in a few weeks!) were also on the menu this weekend. Happy Crafting! // Boots & Cats Details about the first event and my craft party hosting tips here.

Have you hosted or attended a craft party, meetup, stitch ‘n’ bitch or the like? I’d love to hear about it!

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