Tiny Snowmen Made of Socks


A brief while ago a friend of mine sent me an image of a DIY sock snowman as a craft I might like to make this season. I may have gotten more excited about them than a normal person should have. They are just so unbelievably cute! Try as I might to find more details, even searching on Pinterest hoping I might be lead to the original post for instructions, I had no luck.  I got a general idea of the steps and supplies from the images and made up these steps to make little snow-dudes.


Obviously as these are sock snowmen, you need some socks. I meant to buy some at the dollar store but they didn’t have any plain white tube stocks (seriously?) so I had to raid my personal sock drawer and find a pair I could sacrifice. The length of the ankle is important, as the snowman body will be made of the stretchy tube part of the sock, while the hats will be made from the foot. Snip into straight sections removing the heel triangle. That piece of fabric just makes things awkward to work with.


On the image I was sent, it looks like they used elastics to close up the bottom of the sock, but I didn’t want to risk filler getting every where so I stitched a line along where I just cut with my sewing machine (but it could easily be done by hand). I then filled the bottom of the sock with rice. Other fillers like beans, beads or sand would also work, but rice was easiest for me. Once about halfway full, (and packed down so it bulges out all round-y) use a small elastic to separate this as the snowman’s bottom half. To be extra secure, I then stitched through the middle so filler from the top wouldn’t leak through. Once that is done, repeat the first step for the head, only using less filler. Tie and stitch again. If you want to make more than one snow man (which, why not, since you now only have one sock left) repeat all the above steps.


Depending on how the socks were stitched and filled, your snowman may get floopy. It only happened to one of mine, but to prevent the head from lolling about I went around the base of the neck about 0.5 cm away from the elastic and stitched the head to the body with white thread.


Now your snowmen should look like snowmen! To cover that awkward ponytail top, take the foot of your sock and make some hats. Roll up the raw edge of the cut sock about 1cm and hand stitch down to prevent frays. Depending on what type of hat you want, you can leave the toe connected for a long touque, or you can trim off the toe cap and stitch the top opening into a short pompom hat. I went with one of each for variety.

Choose the best side of your snowman and place his face. Seed beads are best for a cute tiny face look, but larger beads, sharpie or fabric paint are also good alternatives. Stitch on eyes, nose and even a mouth if you wish.

Once the face is complete, place and stitch down the hat. (You don’t want it to fall off and go missing)


Final touches and winter accessories are the classic snowman buttons and a scarf. Grab any colored buttons from your sewing bin and stitch on to the body.  For scarves- it is cold out there. You want to bundle him up good!


For a less overwhelming look, measure and trim your scarf to the desired length, wrap around once and tie in a simple knot. For a more traditional scarf , pick off a few rows of thread at the ends to make a fringe.


And with that you have your little snowman buddies! I made these guys just in time for our first big snowfall of the year.

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