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Yes, it’s that time of year again! Time to deck the halls, feel holly jolly and all that jazz. I love the holiday season and all the wintery activities that come along with it. This being my first Christmas not living at home, I wanted to start a new tradition for myself and Rory. Many bloggers out there have taken to creating really unique advent calendars in the past few years and I really wanted to take part. I didn’t want one stuffed full of chocolates and treats though, I wanted to make one with a little more depth. Taking inspiration from Oh Happy Day and her family’s activity calendar as well as from A Beautiful Mess and her December Daily Challenge Album, I decided to fuse the two and create an Advent calendar scrapbook! Here are the basic instructions to create your own this weekend.


First thing to do is to brainstorm a list of fun Christmasy activities that really get you into the holiday spirit. Rory and I have quite busy schedules so we made most of the activities range from about 30-60 minutes, with the occasional movie night or dinner date thrown in. We talked about including things like tobogganing, building snowmen or going snow shoeing but  those activities are quite weather-dependant. We didn’t want to throw off the calendar if it was too cold out and so we excluded them from the advent calendar but added them to our to-do list. (Winter lasts until April here anyways so we have plenty of time to get those things done).


Next, get a scrapbook album to document the daily activities and some festive papers and stickers. I decided to get a smaller album so it would fit under the tree. At 20cm x 20cm I had to trim all my pages to fit, but it left me with awesome scraps for holiday cards.


Using washi tape from my collection that matched my scrapbook paper, I made mini envelopes that would hold the daily activity. (I used this super easy tutorial)

After creating all 25 envelopes, its time for the fun part.


Using paint, glitter, markers, crayons, whatever you’ve got on you; decorate each day’s envelope. We decided to have some fun and decorate each day with a different motif. Rory even joined in on the decorating.


It was actually a really good artistic challenge. After about 10 of them you have to stretch for ideas.


Write all your activities onto strips of paper. Shuffle them all up, (The 24th and 25th had special ones so they were a separate color paper) and start filling the envelopes and closing them with a sticker. Part of the fun is the surprise at which daily activity is going to be done. So no peeking until that day.


Once all the days are filled and sealed, anchor them (with double sided tape) onto the scrapbook pages. The rest of the page can be left blank as they will be filled in on each day. The plan is to include a photo from our activity and  a note about what happened or a funny moment or whatever we think of. This way, we can have something to look back on once this crazy whirlwind season is over.


And there it is! If you are doing a creative or different Advent calendar, tell me about it in the comments! I would love to hear about it (and maybe get ideas for next year 😉 )


5 thoughts on “Scrapbook Advent Calendar

  1. I love it! I may do that for January or something just because I cannot wait until next December for this! This year I made my boyfriend an advent calendar of craft beers. I bought 24 different craft beers and decorated a box for it. Great idea for a beer drinker, but I didn’t really think about the fact that neither of us drinks every day… He will have leftovers into January that is for sure! 🙂

    • That is such a great idea with the beer, we don’t drink much but any type of beverage or snack treat would be really fun. We are kind of having the same problem, but with the season being so busy, we might have some leftover activities to do once the holidays are over. So far we’ve been stockpiling things for the weekends haha.

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