Tissue Paper Party Poms

IMG_9951 At the end of last month I celebrated my golden birthday, (that is, the day of the month matched the age I was turning), which meant I HAD to go all out. Right? So off I went head first into the golden theme. I have a whole bunch of props and decorations I made to share with you over the next few weeks.

(The golden backdrop in the title image was a super simple idea adapted from here, where I just took die-cut metallic circles and taped them to the wall with painters tape.)

First up, golden (and lavender) tissue paper pom poms. A few months back at an event, someone brought in a bunch of tissue paper pom poms for decorations. I thought they were really cute, until they told me they spent $20 on a pack of three! As I was setting them up I looked at how they were made and took note for a day like today. I managed to make 10 poms in various sizes for about $2.50 in tissue paper with other things from around the house. supplies You’ll need:

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sheets of tissue paper (10 sheets will make 1 large and two mini poms, or for 1 medium, 2 small and 1 extra mini pom.)

fold-tie Lay all 10 sheets on top of one another. Decide the approximate diameter of the poms you want and cut a square section through all the layers. If you plan ahead you can cut up to four poms from a rectangular piece of tissue.

Accordion fold all the layers of the square back and forth with a width of about 3cm until the whole stack is folded. Tie it down in the center. cut-and-fan On both ends, trim the corners into a point. Now spread out both sides like a fan, making sure your string keeps it tied in the center.


Pinch, and delicately pull up each layer one at a time to fluff it out. You’ll want to fluff about 5 sheets forward and 5 sheets backwards to get a rounded look. Repeat on the other side.


Be very careful when fluffing as the tissue can rip very easily. (Especially the metallic ones for some reason).


Repeat process for minis!


Tie a ribbon to the center tie to hang up your poms. Now you are ready to party!

It was a lot of fun to mix and match the colors. These would be wonderful for a holiday dinner party with a little red, green and gold!

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