Golden Mini Party Crowns


This was my favorite project created for my golden birthday party. I wanted to add an extra element of fun and considered party hats, until I saw an editorial photo on pinterest with little golden crowns and brainstormed how to make my own. They came out really cute and some of my friends even took them home afterwards. They turned out to be far less complicated than I initially had worried they would be.


What you need is:

  • Plastic headbands
  • Pointed lace ribbon
  • Gold metallic acrylic paint
  • Hot glue


The first step in making the mini crown headpieces is making the mini crowns. With the ribbon, measure approximately how large you’d like your crowns to be. Do this by bringing together the end of the ribbon and making a circle and increasing the diameter until you are happy with the size. I thought a a 20 cm circumference as perfect but depending on the size and height of your ribbon you may want to adjust accordingly.


Once you’ve cut enough ribbon for your crowns, stitch the ends together. (You can also use hot glue here, but the seam will be more visible and might not cover with paint as nicely.)


It’s time to get messy. The ribbon is too flimsy to paint on the table, so holding in your hand, coat both sides evenly in gold metallic acrylic paint. Set it to dry standing upright on some plastic. You’ll want to smooth out any wobbles in the shape and form it as round as possible here. As it dries, the acrylic paint will stiffen the ribbon and make the crown sturdy. You may have to do two coats for full coverage.

If your crowns are still a little floppy after drying, brush a little white glue onto the inside and let that dry for extra support. The glue will dry clear.


If you like the color of the headbands, or you have some nicely pre-wrapped ones, you can skip this step. I didn’t like the white/pinky tone of the headbands I bought, nor did I like the stabby spikes. Cutting out long strips of fabric on the bias, I used hot glue to wrap black fabric around the bands. I also used white fabric and painted it gold, but the fabric got a little too crunchy after the paint and I preferred the unpainted ones better.

Finally, position your crowns along the headband (I liked the slightly off-center look) and hot glue them to the band. I attempted to sew them at first, but it was far too difficult, and the hot glue wasn’t super noticeable.

Overall the project took two days, but that was mostly accounting for drying times.


At the party I made a little basket display at the bar so people would feel invited to grab one. It was only the day after I noticed my display looked like a sushi roll.

sparklersI was so pleased, even the guys were wearing them! We had sparklers and a disco ball, but the lighting in the place was too dark and dingy so all the photos had a blur to them (no tripod *sadface*) so I can’t share them. A tragedy, yes, but a lesson for next time. I might have to drag these out again at New Years.

Have a good weekend lovelies.

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