Holiday Snapshots

Happy Holidays to all // from Boots & CatsI hope everyone is having a wonderful winter season and a fantastic break ahead. Whether you celebrate Christmas or just enjoy cookies by the fireplace with family, I hope you find warmth in these dark, cold winter days.

Here is a peek of what I have been up to this month to prepare for this crazy, hectic time of year.

gift wrappingsI tried a new style of gift-wrapping this year. I am usually over the top with glittering, springy ribbons, but I opted for the simplicity of paper snowflakes and jingle bells.

cardsEvery year my friends and I exchange cards at our ‘Friendsmas’ dinner. My favorite part is making them, although I tend to go overboard with the glitter sometimes.

windowThis year, Rory and I decorated our living room window with window paint in a festive snowman scene. It is really cool, especially as the sun moves throughout the day.

chiThis one needs a little background. Years ago when Rory lived on his own, I was very sad that he didn’t have a Christmas tree to brighten up his place. He also wanted a Chia Pet really bad. So we lucked out when he recieved a Christmas ‘Chi’ for his birthday. We plant him every year, and he even has his own carol.

hotchocoHot chocolate is my favorite part of the season.

CupcakesFinally, decorating some cupcakes. (With icing that never seems to get the red color you hope it has)

Thanks for reading my little blog this year, you’ve all made 2013 something special. I look forward to 2014 and all the adventures we will have here. Merry wishes to all of your and your families this week and always! xoxo

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