Adventures in Stamps

adventures-in-stampsOkay okay…week one and I already didn’t meet my goal of posting between Monday and Wednesday. I am consoling in the fact that I finally finished organizing the last moving boxes in the back of the closet abyss this week so in the grand scale of things, it all evens out somehow.

Anyways…it’s time to talk about stamps.

At my winter craft party, Rory spent his time carving out a footbag stamp, and then for Christmas I received a plethora of stamp pads in various colors, so I guess it was time to try making stamps. The concept seemed easy enough but it was my first try at it. Luckily I had seen Rory’s method and he had all the primo materials already at hand.

Materials you need:

  • Rubber eraser (to be the stamp)
  • Fine point Sharpie (for markings)
  • Small Xacto knife (to carve your design)
  • Stamp Pads
  • Paper


I started with sketching out some ideas. I knew I was going to use them for note cards and memos, so I sketched out things that would make nice patterns and would fit on the cards well.


Once I had chosen my first design, I traced it with sharpie fine point onto my eraser. I found this collection of erasers at the dollar store. They had a good width for these stamps. For larger designs you might have to invest in more proper materials.


Using the Xacto knife, follow your design and remove the negative space (since you want your design to be raised above the rest). It can be somewhat tedious especially if your design is complex, but it really helps to use a sharp knife. The easier to slice the rubber, the more precise your design can be.


Sometimes your designs and materials create hilarious coincidences.


Carving designs isn’t the only way to make stamps. Pinterest is full of ideas of how to use other materials to create unique designs. I quite liked the look of using string to create a cross-hatching design.


Once you have created your design and accompanying pieces, test it out! Try different combinations of colors, or over-lapping stamps. See the difference in using full on ink, or dabbing it after is has faded. The combinations are endless.


The play around with it some more. Trust me, stamping is addicting!


Once I was happy with colors and textures, I traced out the note cards in which I would be decorating


I made one for general notes I need to remember (so much better than post-its), one for my big goals this year and one extra for who knows what!

(To get the two-toned effect on the hearts, I just dipped half the stamp on one ink pad, and the other half on the other!)


I now have beautiful hanging cards on my cat note holder. Such a lovely, bright addition to my work space.

Have you ever attempted to make stamps? I’d love to see your projects!

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