On getting things done.


Do you have a ‘never ending’ project? One of those projects you told yourself you would always do, and yet, for whatever reason, never fully come to fruition?

I bet you can tell that I have. Otherwise this post would just stop here. Picture me, three years ago, promising my friend to make her a custom dress. Excited talks of designs and ideas, oodles of fabric options, then decisions, purchases, buttons, making voiles…then…nothing.

I am unsure what event prompted the complete stall of this project (probably school), but all of a sudden, everything stopped. And as time grew onwards a simple dress became a wall. A 1000 ft tall impenetrable tower of houndstooth.


Why couldn’t I do it? I put it out on the desk. I put it away to keep the cats off. I wash it and iron it. Fold it away again. Finally I decide to cut the pattern pieces…then stack the pieces in a box. Take it to Montreal when I would have lots of free time. Bring it home from Montreal still in pieces.

The wall was completely self-imposed. The longer I waited, the taller it got. It became a running joke. “Have you made my dress yet? I hope it’s not out of style these years later”

What was worse, is that this impenetrable wall of inertia put a complete blockade on all my sewing endeavors.

“Ooh I just got some vintage fabric. I bet it would make an awesome summer dress….but I can’t make anything with it until The Dress is done”

Over all this time, a thoughtful gift had become a bit of a curse to my productivity. Was it because I was selfish and wanted to make things for only myself? Was I just guilty that it had been so long?

Finally one day with an open schedule. I just did it.

I pulled out the pieces. And I overlocked the raw edges. Okay, step one. done. That was easy. Now, what is step two….

*(Not as easy as I would have liked since my serger wished to test my willpower this day by defying the laws of physics.)*

Before I knew it, I had a bodice…skirt…pockets. Things were coming together. The more I got going, the more I wanted to KEEP going. Suddenly the project was exciting and fresh again.

The opportunity to finally gift it was exciting too, as it would be a welcome surprise after all this waiting. No one believed they would ever see this dress done, and here it was. My friend finally got her dress and was so happy. It fit too, which was a blessing, because between the facings, linings and pleats, re-sizing would have been starting from square one.

*(The hem does need to be taken up a bit, but that is the easiest alteration ever so I am not counting it)*

Red Lining // Getting things done // Boots & Cats

I guess the point of my story is that the big procrastinated projects do not need to rule your life. Set your goals and demolish them. The longer you put off a project because of guilt the worse it gets. You’ll be surprised at how great you will feel as you are accomplishing your long lost projects. Here’s to getting over the wall and just getting things done.

Last year I fell so far short of my sewing goals, and now? I have my next 4 clothing projects lined up with many more in the works to burn through my growing fabric stash. I can’t wait to sew them up, learn new techniques and show you what I am coming up with!

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