Spring Flower Backdrop

Floral Backdrop for spring // Boots & Cats

This weekend I livened up the living room with a garden of  hanging tissue paper flowers and greenery. This project was amazingly fun to do and was pretty much essential to bring some spring colors into the apartment. This winter has been ruthless and I needed some flowers in here! Fingers crossed that there will be no more snow from here on out.

Floral Backdrop for spring // Boots & Cats

To make this bright springtime wall backdrop you’ll need:

  • Brightly colored tissue paper (I used a rainbow of colors, but any coordinating variety would work really well)
  • Matching washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Needle & thread

Blueprint for a Floral Backdrop // Boots & Cats

To begin, create a plan of how you want the florals to be arranged, so you know how many flowers you’ll need to cut from each color. I wanted to include all 7 colors I had on hand so a blueprint was a must. Measure the size of your wall-space and decide how many hanging strands you want, how many flowers you want to fit on each and if you want some greenery too.

I made sure to create a pattern that had a gradient like flow in the colors while having even amounts of each. This took a little bit of strategic planning at the beginning, but in the long run it really paid off to keep the arrangement balanced.

Once you know your plan, it’s time for tissue. The flowers needed a natural natural looking aesthetic that hung a little ‘floppier’, so I avoided the ‘pom-pom’ method that is quite popular on pinterest. After a few trials I came up with a method that worked quite well, even if it was tedious at times.

Floral backdrop for spring - Step 1 & 2  // Boots & Cats

1. Cut a strip of tissue at the width you’d like your flower to be.  For a fuller flower with more petals, fold the tissue to desired width first.

2. To add a ‘blend’ of colors, add a strip of another color and fold the whole thing over.

Floral backdrop for spring - Step 3 & 4  // Boots & Cats

3. Keep folding until your strip has become a square.

4. Fold one last time to make a triangle or rectangle depending on the type of petals desired.

Floral backdrop for spring - Step 5 & 6  // Boots & Cats

5. From here start cutting in your petals. Make sure to hold on to your layers and keep them together.

6. Open the flower. I reinforced the center on both sides with a matching washi tape dot to keep my flowers from ripping when hung.

Floral backdrop for spring - Step 7 & 8  // Boots & Cats

7. Pin with a sewing pin to keep the layers together.

8. Gently twist to spin the layers apart for your full bloom!

Watch out for pins! // Boots & Cats

I built all my flowers first before assembling the strands, but I could have strung them up as I made them. By leaving all the flowers with the sewing pins in them it became a bit of a hazard at times. Please use caution. Pins are stabby.

To create greenery, accordion fold a long strip of tissue and cut out a leaf shape. This time, let the layers be separated and reinforce each with washi tape at the stems.

Sewing in the details // Boots & Cats

With a green (or any color you’d like) sewing thread, measure out the total height of your backdrop. Double this length, thread your needle and fold the thread in two. Tie a knot at the end.

Floral backdrop for spring  // Boots & Cats

You will be sewing from the bottom of the garland to the top. Keep this in mind when following your blueprint. Tie a knot in the thread where you want your floral or leaves to stop, then use the needle to thread it onto the line. Be sure to use a small hand-sewing needle or it will create a hole larger than the knots you tie and your flowers will slide all the way through. Repeat this process as you move up the garland. I found it easiest to tape the end of the string down and work outwards.

Floral backdrop for spring   // Boots & Cats

Using washi tape, fasten your strands to the wall! I taped them at the top and bottom to avoid tangles when the window is opened.

Floral backdrop for spring // Boots & Cats

Once up, you may want to twist, open and fluff your flowers up a bit.

This project took around 6 hours total to complete. It also had a lot of off-cut tissue paper. I shredded the leftover into rainbow mix of confetti for a future occasion.


I am in love with the results of this project. It suddenly feels like a full change of season in here. (Now just for it to happen outside as well!) I’m sure you’ll see it popping up in the background of all sorts of things this spring.

Happy Monday!

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