Cat Crazy Belladone


I had been hoarding my Belladone pattern from Deer & Doe for some time, not quite sure what fabric I wanted to make it with. It had to be something special. Then into my life fell this cat print cotton twill found in California last month. I may have bought all of it.

AmazingcatprintI made a muslin to test the pattern, as I usually need to extend the bodice to fit at my natural waist, and I discovered that the flared skirt wasn’t quite for me. I took in the skirt for a straighter silhouette. It was very freeing to do with it as I pleased – this is one of the first dresses I’ve deviated from the original design. It has become so inspiring to me to look at everyone’s unique versions of the same pattern online to get ideas and see what is possible. The lightbulb moment was: anything is possible! I can make anything that I want and do it how I want it. Pencil skirts are more my jive, so why not make that part of the dress?


When I first got the pattern, I was a little intimidated by the back detail, worried that I wouldn’t be skilled enough to handle it. The instructions were clear and concise, and that back detail was the easiest part! I can tell you that this won’t be my last Belladone dress.


I did encounter one construction issue in the finishing process. The cotton twill has a bit of stretch, the curved neckline creates a bias and I forgot to do a stay stitch once I cut it out. Add all that up and you get one stretched out neckline. My bad. I solved this by making two small pleats to take in the excess. They balanced nicely with the bodice darts, so they didn’t look completely out of place. Next time though, I’ll reinforce that bias for a flat finish.


No crazy cat printed dress would be complete without the addition of my totally rad kitten stockings now wouldn’t it? Funny enough, the stockings caught people’s attention off the straightaway and it usually took them a minute to realize that the whole dress was covered in felines. Crazy cat lady hiding in plain sight.

I am so proud of this project, and although minor mistakes are always made, I feel like I am moving forward and EXCITED for the projects I have coming down the line next. I also have about 3m of this cat print left, and have received many a request for something made from it. I’ve caught the sewing bug, friends. This summer is going to be a good one.

Have a great week everyone!

8 thoughts on “Cat Crazy Belladone

  1. Ahh that is the coolest fabric ever!! It looks lovely with the black trim, and the slimmer skirt definitely suits you.
    I so need to find some cat tights now 😛

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