Edmonton International Cat Festival


Edmonton is known as the festival city, with an innumerable amount of attractions, events and gatherings happening at any given time of the year, but especially in the summer.

But among the street performers, theatre and arts events, I never expected to be attending a festival centered around the love of our feline friends!  Armed with my cat-themed ensemble and a sense of curiosity I ventured out to Edmonton’s first international Cat Fest.


The event was organized as a fundraiser for our local humane society. It was a lively afternoon filled with cat video screenings, academic discussions about WHY cats are so trendy right now, and if it will just pass as just a fad, talks about cat personality types and even a photo-contest beauty pageant.


Sprinkled with food trucks and cat-themed market vendors, the event was a really great atmosphere…especially since we got to actually visit some furry friends! Some from the Humane Society, others from local breeders and show societies, it was a perfect opportunity to sneak in some fuzz therapy.


I am looking forward to next year’s event and am excited to see how the event grows and evolves. Who knows, maybe in a few years it will grow to be that we’re known as the CAT festival city. A girl like me can dream.


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