On Setting Goals and Learning New Things

Goals & Dreams // Boots & Cats

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll know that beyond sewing and cats, I am completely enamored by fabrics; their colors and design. Once I got a taste in university, I have been very passionate about the world of textile design, both in digital printing and hand dye methods. As much as I read about, rave and ogle the work of others, I leave my own participation in the craft in the dust, afraid to pursue it. A dark cloud of “I’ll never be good enough” constantly hangs overhead.

Still, in day dreams and brainstorming I feel the fire burn inside. There is so much I feel could do with this, but a voice had something very real to say: “You aren’t even trying to do it.”

Goals & Dreams // Boots & Cats

This isn’t anything shockingly new. Last summer, in an attempt to beef up my drawing skills I started a 365 day drawing challenge. A drawing a day for 365 days.  How many drawings do I have? About 42. It is not that I got bored or lazy, but I began to feel a frustration creep in. Those crotchety slinky voices that say “You suck” “You aren’t improving” “Why keep doing this?” Well. I guess they won out on that one.

A few weeks ago ALT summit teamed up with ethical accessory producers FashionABLE to launch a design contest for woven scarves. I was immediately excited. All I had to do was submit a digital drawing and selected designs would get woven and put up for a vote. I threw the doubts aside and said,  what have I got to lose? It was the first project in a while that really got me motivated, excited and engaged. I sketched, color collected and submitted my design.

Goals & Dreams // Boots & Cats

Yesterday they revealed the finalists.

No, I was not one of them. (Sorry if that is where you thought the story was going!) But it doesn’t matter. The fact that I was so interested in the process confirmed to me that I shouldn’t leave these ideas bumbling around in my brain anymore. I am getting back onto the sketching bandwagon, finishing my SkillShare e-courses and jumping in with both feet to keep fiddling around with this hobby of mine to bring it to a place I am really proud of. (Sorry Mad Men re-runs, I’ll have to catch you later!)

Goals & Dreams // Boots & Cats

Even though I didn’t get selected, there are three absolutely gorgeous scarf designs for you to vote for on FashionABLE’s website. Please vote and support these talented designers. (I voted for Dayle’s design. I am a complete sucker for neon touches).

Let’s all go out there and chase some dreams!

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