Striped Senna Dress

The Senna Dress // Boots & Cats

In the midst of one of my most productive sewing seasons ever, I was selected to pattern test the new Senna Dress from Design by Lindsay. I was so excited to be participating. I’d never been chosen to test a pattern before!

I had also never sewn a knit before. Amongst all  my excitement resided that seed of doubt. “I’m not a good enough seamstress to test a pattern!” it said “I’ll screw it up.”

The Senna Dress // Boots & Cats

I had the perfect brightly colored knit sitting in my stash from Telio, unused for over two years now. I knew it’s day had come. I knew had to do it justice. I mentally turned those sour lemons into lemonade , by shifting my thoughts.

“Many seamstresses have never sewn a knit before. I am a great person to test this pattern from that point of view.”

After all that worry, it was for naught. There honestly couldn’t have been a better place to start with knits than here. The pattern was simple, straightforward and could be finished in an afternoon. My only recommendation is to pay close attention to the amount of stretch in your fabric. The pattern suggests a cross-stretch of at least 40%. I didn’t measure mine and just went with it. and I don’t think it has that much stretch. The sizing fits me perfectly but the skirt is a little snug when walking.


Why just try one new thing when you can try a bunch at once!? This was ALSO my first PDF pattern. For the longest time I was pretty hesitant about them, worried about the sizing and scaling. I always opted for envelope patterns instead. But seeing the instant satisfaction of having the pattern ready to cut in minutes completely changed my outlook. I have purchased, printed and made two other patterns since this one. I’m hooked.

The Senna Dress // Boots & Cats

I am super pleased with this dress and although it’s not a pattern I’d normally have picked for myself, I’ve worn it a bunch already. I love the versatility between being able to wear it at work or just hanging out with friends. The fabric is so soft and comfy I could probably wear this as pajamas as well.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone. Let the sewing continue!


5 thoughts on “Striped Senna Dress

  1. So amazing 🙂 That really is the perfect fabric for the dress, and the length looks great!
    I just bought a heap of red plaid jersey to try a print version… Possibly a crazy idea, but we’ll see 😀

    x. Zoe

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