First Knitting Project // Arm Knit Scarf

Arm Knitting // Boots & Cats

As a seamstress drawn to vintage appeal, it would only seem natural that I was swept up in the current knitting renaissance that is happening now. I’ve been invited to a number of ‘stitch and bitch’ sessions and been asked if I had made certain knitwear pieces I happen to be wearing.

Yet, can I actually knit? Nope. Nada. Zip.

The concept actually hurts my brain. In sewing, I can visualize how the pattern pieces will fit together to create a 3d shape. I get it. However, in knitting, my brain just simply cannot comprehend how the heck it works. How on earth do knitters get the yarns to bob and twist and swirl around each other in such a neat and tidy pattern?

Knitters (and crocheters) seriously impress me. And I want to get into the game.

After catching my eye on Pinterest, I became interested in the concept of arm knitting. Basically it is knitting as if your arms are the needles. Seems like perfect first baby steps into understanding.

Arm Knitting // Boots & Cats

Yarn in hand I was ready to make it work and I took to the floor. It seems I work best on projects when I am seated on the floor.

I used Flax + Twine’s tutorial to get me started. It is brilliant, well photographed and split into 4 parts for each stage of the process. For visual learners I highly recommend. I wish I could say I got going first try, but there were tangles and re-dos at the beginning. One big plus to knitting over sewing is that if you screw up, you can take your materials right back to square one without wasting any.

Arm Knitting // Boots & Cats

Shortly though, I was on my way and creating my fuzzy scarf. I LOVED seeing the blanket of large loops forming on my arms as I progressed.  So satisfying. And the best part was that after about two episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix I had a whole scarf. Instant results!

I am looking forward to wearing this awesome chunky knit now that the frigid temperatures hit and I have two more knitting projects on deck (with needles and everything!). To knitting!


4 thoughts on “First Knitting Project // Arm Knit Scarf

    • Thanks! It was a good introduction to how it all works and once you figure out the stitches you can get it done super quickly. I found the wool at a knitting store a few months ago and was hoarding it for a project like this. Chunky wool is the best!

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