Wall Hanging Advent Calendar

Wall Hanging Advent Calendar // Boots & Cats

Even though I tell myself that I have out-grown chocolate advent calendars, there’s still that part of me that longs for a special treat each morning in December. Last year, Rory and I set out with daily festive activities to be documented in our scrapbook calendar. In theory the idea was brilliant, in action though, we just didn’t have our schedules synced up enough to do an activity a day. We often hoarded a week’s worth of prompts and tried to bust it all out on the weekend. Technically it worked, but it didn’t always get us into the holiday spirit as intended.

This year, I decided to relax the rules a little, and have maybe 10 activities scattered throughout the month, with chocolates and treats filling in the other days. Less pressure AND chocolate, the ideal Christmas.

Wall Hanging Advent Calendar // Boots & CatsOf course the inclusion of 3D objects meant I couldn’t store the daily treat in a book and needed something a little more interactive. Inspired by the bevvy of beautiful and unique wall hangings and wreaths I’ve seen recently, mixed with the urge to break things open like a pinata, I came up with this hanging wall advent calendar that now hangs in my kitchen waiting for December.

This project requires only a few supplies, and almost all of it I already had on hand.

Wall Hanging Advent Calendar // Boots & Cats

What you’ll need:

  • 24 toilet paper roll or paper towel tube pieces that will fit your treats. (I cut 8 tp rolls in half and had one paper towel roll which yielded 6 good sized pieces)
  • Card stock for tube backing
  • Tissue paper
  • String
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Scissors and/or Xacto knife
  • Large, sturdy cardboard or wooden branch

After cutting my paper rolls into the appropriate sized pieces, I traced the size of the circle onto card stock, cut it out and hot-glued it to the back opening of the tube. This ensures my treats won’t slide out.

I then cut larger circles from my tissue paper. I went with traditional red, green, gold and white, but any colours will do depending on your decor. On the tissue paper, write the number for each day with white glue and dust with glitter (or simply use glitter glue and save a step!)

Wall Hanging Advent Calendar // Boots & Cats

You are now ready for the fun part. Randomly fill each tube with an activity or chocolate (or both!) and seal inside by brushing white glue along the sides of the tube and covering with the tissue paper. Let dry.

To make hanging the tubes like ornaments easy (as I didn’t want to accidentally break them open early) I tied a small piece of string around the center and hot glued it on the bottom and sides so it wouldn’t slide about. I then tied the longer hanging string to the loop.

Wall Hanging Advent Calendar // Boots & Cats

For the branch, I traced out a tree-like shape on a cardboard sheet and cut out with an xacto knife. To keep it from bending, I reinforced the back with some popsicle sticks. I then made 24 small notches along the width and tied on my ornaments.

I am looking quite forward to breaking open the tissue each day to reveal the treat inside. Activities such as winter walks, Christmas cartoons, baking cookies, going out for tea and decorating await, not to mention all the chocolates hidden in there too.

Wall Hanging Advent Calendar // Boots & CatsNext year I hope to include a real branch for the support, and possibly add some greenery too, to bring even more life to the project.

Do you have a special holiday calendar for December? I love the variety of ideas out there. Tidings of comfort and joy to all!

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