Creative Gift Wrap // Custom Stamping!

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & Cats

Tis the season to get crafty! My general crafting output goes up 500% as Christmas approaches as there are always little opportunities to try something new and make things more personal. Gift wrap is one of those places where the opportunities are endless; you can try colour blocking, play with ribbons & accessories, add pieces from nature and scraps from your craft bin.

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & Cats

Last year I opted for polka-dotted kraft paper and dainty strings and jingle bells, and while it was very lovely and darling, something new was in order this year.

Almost a year ago, I carved myself some custom stamps to make stationery with and decided to revive them for the holidays.

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & Cats

Instead of getting the  expensive white ‘gift wrap’ paper from the store, I wandered into the kids section, grabbed some ‘easel paper’ for twice the size at half the price. It pays to think outside the box sometimes.

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & Cats

I considered pre-stamping my paper for all-round patterns, but thought it would be fun to create designs that corresponded with the shape of the gift, so I wrapped everything up first and went stamping away!

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & Cats

I used flowers for snowflakes, made candy cane stripes, used my triangles for trees and did a duo stamp with both red and green for some really festive hearts.

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & Cats

If you are quick enough you can dust a little glitter on your fresh-pressed stamp before the ink dries and it’ll stick!

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & Cats

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & CatsOnce you are all stamped and dried, add your tags, stickers, ribbons, pom-poms and other details to complete the picture. (Warning, cats WILL eat those yarn poms. It’s just inevitable…)

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & Cats

This was such an easy and fun way to add a little extra something to the gift wrap process. Stamps are so easy to find or make you can easily make something that works just for you.

The crafting couldn’t stop there though, as I finished up writing my cards as well, I needed some envelopes! Using pages from magazines I have stashed for far too long, I made custom envelopes (tutorial here). I had fun matching the images to the people I would be giving them too. 

Stamped Gift Wrap // Boots & CatsI still have a few gifts left to make and it’s coming down to the wire! Here’s to a whirlwind few weeks and loving every minute of it!


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