Thinking of Spring // The Linden Swap

The Linden Swap // Boots & Cats

In my opinion, the best part of blogging about sewing and DIY projects is the community of creative people that surrounds it. I could spend hours on Google or Pinterest typing in pattern names and numbers, seeing how other’s have interpreted, changed and completely manipulated a basic design. The immense amount of skill, creativity  and charisma out there is mind-boggling. In the last few months my passion for sewing has been invigorated by the oodles of talented seamstresses online and it motivates me everyday.

At the start of this year, I made a personal goal of getting more involved in this community and wanted to work on making connections with more sewists (is that the technical term?) over the web. As if by fate, a few days later I spotted the #LindenSwap put on by Oh She Dabbles and We the Sewing. It was a sign, and I was so in!

The idea was that two sewists would be paired up and they’d make a Grainline Linden for one another. After Carrie played matchmaker, I was paired with the lovely Stitch and Cappuccino. We hadn’t known each other before, but I could tell we have similar styles so I couldn’t wait to see what surprise she had in store for me.

The Linden Swap // Boots & Cats

One cold, dreary Wednesday morning,I got a note from the postman. A parcel had arrived from across the pond! I tore it open to reveal a stunning two-tone cropped Linden (and an bonus chocolatey treat), what an uplifting surprise.

The Linden Swap // Boots & Cats

A perfect transition piece from winter to spring, this Linden is gorgeous. The grey knit fabric is so soft and lines the whole top, so it has a bit of warmth to it too. The softness of the colour choices was also so to my taste. I forced myself to think warm spring-like thoughts and traipsed outdoors to catch a few photos of this pretty thing.

The Linden Swap // Boots & Cats

Why am I looking down in ALL the photos, you ask? Because sunshine + snow = BLINDINGLY BRIGHT LIGHT. You know that photography tip that suggests using something white to bounce the light onto your subject in a natural way? Yeah, it was like that but times a bajillion. Also, it was cold. But you must never admit defeat.

She added 3cm to the length of the cropped version of the pattern, which made it a perfect length for me. This is great to note, as I have shied away from making my own B version of Linden for fear of unwanted midriff exposure. It has a perfect loose, boxy edge to it.

The Linden Swap // Boots & Cats

The one I made and sent away featured a stretchy textured knit with polka dots and plain sleeves on view A (what can I say, I think black and white dots are the cutest). I also added 3 cm to the length everywhere as we discovered we were pretty much the same size. (You can see more details on her blog here)

The Linden Swap // Boots & Cats

Even though I added in a Sewaholic “one of a kind” label to the collar, I have to admit that isn’t tooootally true. I was so enamored by the dots I selfishly made myself a matching one with the leftovers. (I wasn’t alone! True Bias did it too, so I am less ashamed of my selfishness.)

I really hope more swaps come about in the community this year, it was really fun to make something for someone else and it is so exciting to have a surprise garment waiting for you on the other side.

Happy March and think warm!

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