Learning to Knit // We Are Knitters

We Are Knitters // Boots & Cats

Though this week’s nearly +20 degree temperatures have me thinking of everything but chunky woolen knits, I have been meaning to share my latest progress on my knitting journey. As I mentioned a few months back after completing my first arm-knit scarf, knitting is on my challenge list for this year. That first project was a great foray into the concept of knitting but as I wanted to progress forward (using needles) I still felt like I needed a helping hand.

I felt intimidated wandering into the world of patterns, yarn weights and needle sizes and honestly didn’t really feel like I knew where to start. Somehow, I eventually stumbled upon We Are Knitters, a knitting company out of Spain. They had everything I wanted bundled up in a kit, ready to go. They even had patterns sorted by skill level. Bliss.

We Are Knitters // Boots & Cats

I waded through each pattern marked ‘Beginner’ or ‘Easy’ and a chance weekend sale made me go for it. Surprisingly, it took only a week for my knitting kits to arrive (as you know, the crafty types aren’t much for patience when a new project is on the horizon). I couldn’t wait to begin.

I chose a Beginner chunky pattern, the High-Line Loop scarf, and the slightly more advanced (read: Easy) Classic Sweater. I felt like these two would be a great start to the medium and by the end of two projects I would fully know whether or not knitting was something I would like to pursue.

We Are Knitters // Boots & Cats

I had a little trouble when I started the Loop, as it was a double-moss stitch and I couldn’t for the life of me understand how to move my working yarn from front to back as I alternated knits and purls. I kept getting massive tangles and stitches that did NOT look like they were supposed to. Luckily, Rory’s mom came to the rescue with some practice yarns and set me on the right path.

Once in the groove, the scarf took about 3 weeks and 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls to complete. I found it relaxing and a fun way to keep my hands busy while doing something relatively pointless. I actually felt good about those Netflix hours: I was being productive! It was also quite satisfying to watch the scarf begin to form and get longer every time I worked on the project.

We Are Knitters // Boots & Cats

I wore this scarf a lot over the remaining months of winter and it looked really cute with the polka dot Linden I made myself. Feeling confident and able, I was ready to take on the sweater, gauging it should take me about 3x as long as the scarf. In 9 weeks, I said, I will have a nice sweater in a beautiful pastel colour just as spring begins!

That was about….10 weeks ago?

Current progress on the sweater stands at around 15% done. Turns out, I wasn’t anticipating that the combination of thinner yarn, smaller needles and 4 ‘pattern’ pieces meant a heck of a lot more knitting would be involved.

We Are Knitters // Boots & Cats

I’ve also found that as I continue to knit, the less fascinating it is becoming to me. The ‘garment-appearing-before-my-eyes-on-the-needle’ amazement faded quickly and I am starting to feel like this task is long, tedious and repetitive. I am knitting a few rows at a time, the project situated purposefully near the TV, ready to ‘grab-and-go’, but the process is a slow one.

I am definitely not giving up on the project, but it is fair to say I think I’ve lost the mojo. The warming weather doesn’t seem to be helping much either. I am hoping that if I slowly chip away through the coming months, I’ll have a nice cozy sweater for the fall.

Then at that time I will be able to make the call: Is knitting for me?

5 thoughts on “Learning to Knit // We Are Knitters

  1. Love that scarf! I’m kind of afraid to start a sweater because, like you said, I can imagine it would get really repetitive. Although maybe I’m just too used to the relative quickness of sewing? I hope you do finish the sweater at some point – it looks great so far!

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