Me-Made-May // Week 2

Me-Made-May Week 2 // Boots & Cats

Hard to believe the month is already halfway gone. Even more had to believe, I haven’t repeat a single me-made yet! I was anticipating to wear some items over and over again (looking at you, Julia Cardigan) but so far everything (weather included) has cooperated and I’ve managed to get a good variety of styles going without sacrificing comfort or practicality.

What has surprised me the most this week was the compliments I’d gotten on some of my bolder makes (the yellow skirt especially), even from strangers. It’s a nice confidence boost and reminder to wear some of these me-mades more often.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t had some longings for my jeans and t-shirts on the lazy days, though. I do feel that pull some mornings to just give in and give up. Beyond dressing outside my comfort zone, I have to keep up the creative energy for styling and documenting everything and it can feel like a drag. BUT, I am very happy with my outcomes so far , so I shall persevere. Only 15 days left after all.

Here’s a quick recap of the last seven days:

Day 8: Self-Drafted Lace Tunic

Me-Made-May Day 8 // Boots & Cats

Today was the first Friday Challenge, which was ‘Your Sewing Space’, so I dutifully posed in front of my sewing ‘wall’ in our living room. The tunic is a self-draft, guided by a project in the long-retired A Beautiful Mess e-course: DIY Dress Up. I say self-drafted, but in reality it was more ‘self-traced’. I laid a tunic dress I already knew fit me on my paper and copied it’s shape. It turned out pretty good in this stretch cotton lace. I also made it reversible so I could wear it with a high or low neckline on the front.

Day 9: Cat Crazy Belladone Dress

Me-Made-May Day 9 // Boots & Cats

A 3 day turnaround from the snowstorm and the sun was shining blissfully. I took a walk down to the market in my kitty dress I made last summer. Got lots of compliments on this one. Everyone loves cats!

Day 10: Made-FOR-me Linden Sweatshirt

Me-Made-May Day 10 // Boots & Cats

Bent the rules a little this day. We went to the park and the sun was hot and the breeze was cool so I needed an in-between piece. Turns out the amazing cropped Linden that Stitch and Cappuccino made for me in the Linden swap was just the ticket.  Looking forward to wearing this through the summer.

Day 11: New Belcarra Blouse

Me-Made-May Day 11 // Boots & Cats

Remember that sewing day I mentioned on Day 2 last week? Well this is the Belcarra I made that day! The fabric is the leftovers from the V1236 I wore last week, and I love that the neutral colour makes it easy to mix and match. Though the fabric is a little stiff and needs to be worn a few more times I think. I have one more Belcarra cut and ready to sew. I love this pattern a lot.

Day 12: Vintage Floral Gabriola Skirt

Me-Made-May Day 12 // Boots & Cats

I have been waiting MONTHS to take this skirt out again! The length basically means it is a no-go for the wet, mucky winter and spring, so I will be sure I get lots of wear out of it this summer. Made from every last scrap of vintage fabric, I love the tapered a-line shape I got by altering the pattern. I may have to find a large quantity of a light flowy fabric to make a full version this year…

Day 13: Striped Senna Dress

Me-Made-May Day 13 // Boots & Cats

The first pattern I had the honor of testing, this stretchy number is dressed up enough for work and comfortable enough for putting your feet up and watching Netflix! I think i’d love to make the top as a separate for a cool weekend piece. Hmm…my ‘to-sew’ list appears to be getting kind of long…

Day 14: Yellow Lace Skirt

Me-Made-May Day 14 // Boots & Cats

One of my first clothing makes posted here on the blog, this skirt is always a crowd favourite. With pleats, pockets and a highlighter yellow hue it cannot be missed. I don’t wear it as much as I should because I find it hard to put outfits together with it. I have an imaginary top in my brain that would go so well, but I am unsure how to make it a reality.

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