Kitty Kenedy Top

Happy almost Solstice! This is my favourite, most energetic time of the year… I mean, check out all that sunlight! There’s nothing like starting a picnic or patio date at 8:30 and still have some rays of sun by 10:30. In light of the mood and the season I have the perfect breezy summer make to share with you all today.

For years I have followed the artist Hello Harriet for her adorable sketches. I think I found her work on Instagram and have been in love ever since. In the past I bought items from her shop including, stickers, phone cases, temporary tattoos (which I only now realize I should have worn in the photos! Dang) in all her fabulous and sassy cat designs. Recently, she held a  Studio Sample sale filled with items that never made it t the shop WHICH by some cosmic matchmaking included fabric!!! I nearly missed out, most of the fabric selling out so quickly but I scored two prints in a cotton voile and a little bit of cotton poplin.

I didn’t really plan on doing much with such small pieces, thinking I would use them for additions like colour-blocking, pocket linings or accessories. The more I stared at the yardage I realized I would probably have juuuust enough to sneak out a top from the purple print. The pattern couldn’t be too form fitting because the fabric has no stretch whatsoever and the voile is somewhat sheer. It needed a flowy silhouette that didn’t require too much volume (ie. fabric). On top of this, I didn’t want to buy a new pattern either, not because I was intentionally challenging myself, but more so to the fact that I have SO many patterns and I have made up only a fraction of them. I figured I must have something that would work.

My leading idea for a while was making it into another Belcarra blouse, but I was hesitant because of the raglan sleeves. The repeat print on the fabric is quite large scale and I didn’t want to break it up with a bunch of seam lines. After scouring my pattern box, shelf and finally my pdf patterns, I opened up the Seamwork Kenedy dress. I liked the simplicity of the shape of the dress and the deep back and tie details.

I knew I didn’t have enough fabric for the dress, but figured it would make a cute trapeze top. To do this I simply measured my desired length and traced off the pattern at this point. I added a slight curve to the hem and made the back ever so slightly longer than the front but you can’t really tell in the final version.

After looking at lots of examples of other people’s makes, the one thing I noticed I didn’t particularly like about this pattern is the excess volume at the sleeve cap, giving it that puffy effect. I thought about making it sleeveless but I decided to try and make the sleeves work first. I dug out my old Pattern Making for Fashion Design book from school and followed the steps to draft my own basic sleeve.

When I tried it on, the sleeves were far too tight and pulled across the shoulders. I had no fabric left to re-try so I had basically resolved that sleeveless it would be. Sleeves and I have an odd relationship, especially short sleeves. When in doubt I tend to just make my garments sleeveless. I justify it that it’s more ‘my style’ but I wonder if subconsciously it’s because I am rarely up to dealing with the fit hassle haha.

After wondering that, I had to give the sleeves one more chance (I could always take them off later). Leaving them on, I re-sewed them along a 0.5cm seam allowance inside the original 1.5cm allowance, then unpicked that first seam. That little bit of extra ease was just what was needed and made it totally wearable.

I posted this project on Instagram partway through, feeling a little frustrated and having doubts about it. I felt like it looked a little like hospital scrubs because of the fit and fabric. I worried it was too short for the shape, that the voile had too much structure, that I had WASTED this one-of-a-kind fabric. I put it on the back burner and just let it sit for a few weeks.

But after a lot of positive feedback, tips for tweaking it, and finishing the details (which included shortening the back ties by about half their length) I really came around on it. The fabric really does steal the show on this one so I am happy to just let it shine. I want to play with styling it, pairing with skirts or shorts for the season and hopefully I can get a lot of wear from it. *(That is if I don’t ruin it first. The day after I took photos I wore it and had tacos for dinner, promptly spilling salsa all over it, naturally.)

I find in general I have been sewing less often lately. While I know my sew-jo ebbs and flows, I am reaching a point where I have filled most of the gaps in my wardrobe. I am in a place where I feel happy with my closet and I simply don’t NEED anything else. Sure I could sew for other people, but I really like that it’s a hobby just for me (much less pressure IMO). So I think for a while I might just be sewing less frequently and jump around to other projects of interest until I figure out what I need and or want from my wardrobe again. Thoughts? Have you ever found yourself in a place of feeling satisfied with your wardrobe? Do you keep sewing anyway?

Fabric Scrap Busters // Hand-sewn Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments from fabric scraps // Boots & Cats

There’s something about this time right before the holidays that I really get the itch to clear out the clutter. It’s a serious everything-must-go mentality that won’t let up. It’s probably because I like a clean slate for when the Christmas decorations come out and/or I am subconsciously making room for all the new lovely gifts that start to trickle in. In either case, old make-up is tossed, cupboards are cleaned and my overflowing craft storage pillaged.

This year, my main target is my fabric stash that is somehow not surprisingly  spilling out onto the floor and actually busting the sides of my shelf. When it comes to pretty textiles, I have a difficult time letting things go, even those measly little off-snips. After years of holding on, it’s getting out of control. I began going through and making a textile-only recycling bag of the really not useful bits (melted interfacing, creased-beyond-all-help lining, frayed who-knows-what-that-was, ect.) but I kept coming across decent chunks that could surely go on to be better things.

Christmas tree ornaments from fabric scraps // Boots & Cats

Instead of hoarding them any longer though, if I am gonna keep ’em, I gotta use em. With some faded carols in the background and a cup of hot cocoa in hand, it felt like it was time for some holiday crafting.

With my acquisitions of some adorable prints this year, I found a pretty simple way to utilize my off-cuts. Plushy tree ornaments!

This craft is super easy and awesome to show off some of those brilliant novelty prints in your stash, or would work with other printed textiles (like linens, or tea towels) that need a new lease on life.

Christmas tree ornaments from fabric scraps // Boots & Cats

The steps:

  1. Pick a portion of the pattern motif to become your ornament. Cut around the main design leaving a 0.5-1cm seam allowance.
  2. Flip it face-down and trace the shape onto another scrap of the fabric to create a mirrored back piece.
  3. Find some matching yarn or embroidery floss and snip a 12 cm length for the hanging loop.
  4. Tie the ends in a knot, creating the loop, and place inverted on the right side of your fabric
  5. Place the design right-sides together and hand stitch around the perimeter, leaving a 2cm opening near the bottom
  6. Turn your ornament right side out and fill with stuffing. Slip-stitch the bottom closed.

Christmas tree ornaments from fabric scraps // Boots & Cats


Here is a good resource for hand-sewing methods from By Hand London. I experimented with using my machine, but for the small shapes and curves it was difficult to manage and you end up losing the defining shapes of your design. Bonus points if you can spot the misshapen fail-cupcake* on the tree.

Patience is key, especially if you are new to hand sewing. You’ll want to be sure you aren’t stitching too closely to the edges, or else the ends will fray and burst open.

Poly-fill is a good choice for the stuffing, or what I did was shred some of the unwanted off-cuts and put them to use there instead.

Christmas tree ornaments from fabric scraps // Boots & Cats

You can also add a touch of pizzazz with some sequins, beads or embroidery stitching onto more abstracted prints with simpler shapes. The options for where your creativity can take you become endless at this point.

Even if the aesthetic isn’t quite your jam for the tree, skip the hanging loop, toss in some catnip, and boom! Instant cat toy for your feline friends.

Christmas tree ornaments from fabric scraps // Boots & Cats

Each ornament takes about 1 hour to make, depending on your hand-sewing skills. That makes it easy to make one for each of your friends in a print they’ll love most. That, or you can take all the pieces of your favourite print or collection and cover your whole tree!

I hope you enjoy using your fabric in a fun way, and please be sure to share pics if you make these!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to sewing those last few gifts. It always seems to sneak up on you, eh? Next year I’ll start my Christmas projects in June.

Christmas tree ornaments from fabric scraps // Boots & Cats

* Rory and I decided that we are going troll our future-selves and put the fail-cupcake on the tree year after year. Hopefully in about 10 years as we decorate we’ll be like “What is this thing even, and why do we keep putting it on the tree?!”. Unless I keep re-reading through old blog posts and just ruined it for myself here again. Bah.

Me-Made-May // Week 4 (and a bit)

Me Made May Week 4 // Boots & Cats

And that’s a wrap! 31 days of me-made garments. Thank you for all of you on Instagram putting up with the barrage of selfies for the last month. Though it was annoying at times, I think I might miss this challenge. It was a nice excuse to get a little more dressed up each day. Plus, the community and support throughout this month has been astounding. I’ve ‘met’ many new seamstresses, been inspired to try new things and I have a better understanding of what I need to do in order to support a me-made wardrobe.

This year I pledged to wear at least one me-made item a day for the entirety of the month, and in that, I succeeded. Some days were a bit of a stretch but I made sure to make it happen. After people knew I was participating, it was fun to have them ask me “Okay, what are you wearing that you made today?”, which opened up the conversation to talking about my hobby and passion to people. It can be hard topic to introduce to the conversation sometimes, but this was a great excuse to talk about it as much as I could.

I didn’t have it in my pledge to make anything new, but the challenge did inspire me to complete FOUR new garments this month, which I am pretty sure is a new sew-speed record! Most of these were one or two session makes which are SO satisfying. It’ll be a bit challenge to slow down and tackle a bigger garment now. When I sew with the intention that I want to wear the clothes the next day, I tend to rush and make sloppy decisions. I think a high quality summer dress is just what I need next.

I am so thankful I dove in and participated in this year’s challenge. I had so much fun and I am definitely going to keep my focus on incorporating my me-mades into the everyday rotation. (Which I think was kind of the point of this whole thing!)

Without further ado, here is the last week (and a bit) of Me Made May 2015

Day 22: Ice Cream Airelle Blouse


The photo may need a little explaining. Today’s Friday challenge was ‘animals’. I could have just worn my cat dress again, but I decided to interpret a different way. Meet Hobbes, my stuffed tiger. I was really into the comic in Jr. High so I started hand-sewing him in 7th grade Intro to Sewing. It took about 5 years to slowly complete because I kept forgetting about him. I tried so hard to make him as comic-accurate as possible. The Airelle blouse has nothing to do with this, but I had just finished it the day before and wanted to toss it in the mix. I love the contrast yoke and the silhouette in the back is great, but the front is lacking something. I think I may make a few changes and add the sleeves in. We’ll see.

Day 23: Pink Plaid Sixties Shift


This is another older make and my first real vintage pattern. It was a mail-order pattern from my Grandmother’s stash and I loved the shape and the little button belt. I didn’t look at the pattern too closely when I first cut out my fabric and it wasn’t until my first fitting I noticed the length was crazy long, past my knees! So I had to chop a good amount off of there to get the look I wanted. I am happy with how it turned out, but I hate wasting fabric like that. It’s also a great reminder about how far my skills have come. I had to re-jig the neckline last summer, but remnants of mistakes (like totally backwards bias binding on the hem) are good little mementos.

Day 24: Soft and Summery MC6359


We were in a bit of a heatwave this past week and I was quickly running out of options. I had this pattern and fabric in my stash for a few months now and it was time to jump on it. I used the same lace that details my Gabriola skirt to add contrast to the back and it is seriously one of my favourite me mades at the moment. Fun fact: the fabric was actually purchased as a ‘jersey infinity scarf’ for $15. I loved the colour, the feel and the drape and there were no seams or hems so I had to have it. Good knit fabrics just that tough to find around here.

Day 25: Cotton Sack Dress


Another repeat. +25 degrees calls for a loose summer dress. Had fun playing with different accessories this time around.

Day 26: Geometric Hollyburn Skirt


You may remember this fabric from way back when. I have tonnes left and used some to make this swishy Hollyburn skirt. I taught this pattern to my friends during the ‘great sewing day’ back at the beginning of the month. Just needed a few finishing touches and it was ready to hit the town. It’s a silhouette and print I don’t usually go for in skirts so I will see how much I like and wear it this summer. It was a great excuse to step outside my comfort zone.

Day 27: Julia Cardigan


I am so proud I only repeat this baby ONCE! Boo yah. Long day of meetings, running around and a hearty Bday dinner for Rory meant I just wanted to be optimally comfortable (for tree climbing, obviously)

Day 28: Senna Dress Remixed
In order to keep myself from feeling like I was in a repeat rut, I took this outside the box and mixed in this non-me-made skirt I’d been dying to wear and layered it with my Senna dress to make a whole new outfit! I loved how it turned out and may have to try with different skirt/dress combos!

Day 29: Cat’s Cradle Sorbetto


On Thursday I got a very happy mail parcel full of Lizzy House’s Cat Nap fabrics and I couldn’t wait to pounce! I downloaded Sorbetto and promptly made this cute little tank. Even after adding my traditional 5cm to the waist length and rounding out the hem, it was still pretty short on me! Bust darts are a bit too high as well. Shoulda made a muslin- but it is still super adorable and will look great tucked into skirts, so I don’t mind that much. Also cats.

Day 30: YEG Cat Fest


A friend and I managed to venture out to the Edmonton Cat Fest this weekend and there was no me-made more fitting than the Belladone. Rocket Mama loved it too!

Day 31: Vintage Green S2927


We did it! I’d reached the end and realized I hadn’t worn this dress yet! This lazy Sunday was perfect for this soft vintage fabric dress. I always second guess myself in this dress, never 100% sure if the style works for me, or how I should do my hair or accessorize it. But I really do like it and I just need to experiment a little more to find out the ideal formula for this piece.

Thanks for following along with me and I already can’t wait for MMMay16!!

For Cinnamon.

I was a cat lover way before it was cool. Of all the books I checked out of the school library, 90% of them were about cats. It’s no surprise that the best day of my young life was receiving a little orange kitten wearing a big red bow when I was 8 years old.

Cinnamon grew up with me; she dealt with playing dress-up in doll clothes, we explored new homes together when we moved, she was a prominent subject for me as I learned photography. She gave me funny stories to tell and cuddles when I was sad. She inspired me, and in many ways, also inspired this blog. For 16 years she filled my life with companionship and cuteness. Last week, after a few months of illness she was put to sleep. It’s very strange feeling not having her here; she was one friend who would always be around. I guess sometimes we take that for granted. She had a long, beautiful adventurous life and I am really thankful that she was a part of mine.

When I started this blog I had an idea for a weekly series featuring cats I knew or found online – ones I found cute, fascinating or funny. I drafted my first post for the feature but never published it. As Boots & Cats blossomed, the series didn’t really fit in anymore, and never became a part of it.

However, that first draft was still sitting in my posts, all about Cinnamon.  I want to celebrate her and her awesome, sassy nature and share with you a little glimpse of who she was.


Smitten Kitten: Cat of the Week

You didn’t think I would have a blog with ‘cats’ in the title and not have a feature dedicated solely to our feline friends, did you? Introducing Cat of the Week, each week I will feature a purring lovable friend that deserves internet affection and ‘squeees’.

The honour of being the first CotW is bestowed upon my cat, Cinnamon (so I have a bias, sue me). She joined our family on Christmas in 1998, where after opening a box of cat food (to much of my perplexion) she was brought to the living room wearing a red ribbon. She’s a rescue from the Humane Society and is now 14 years old, but still has her kitten face so people can’t guess her age. She’s the envy of her cat friends who’ve had to resort to botox in their later years.


Yes, that is my pattern paper she is nomming.

Likes: Whipped cream (she comes running at the sound of the spray can), licking the cheez powder from cheezies, sunlight and mauling shoe laces.

Dislikes: Being woken up, getting tackled by Piddles (my brother’s 2 y/o cat) and children (as a kitten she was thrown down the stairs TWICE by toddlers).

Biggest Adventures: Figuring out how to open the screen door and escape into the yard, falling in the fish tank and  falling in love with Enrique during the 10 hour drive when we moved.


Gazing in admiration at my craft project . Either that or she wants to eat this too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Cinnamon and I look forward to meeting all the wonderful felines in the coming weeks! (I am going to need a lint roller!)

Posts featuring Cinnamon: A Kitty Photoshoot, Leibster Award, Felt Fantastic! // Part 2.

Edmonton International Cat Festival


Edmonton is known as the festival city, with an innumerable amount of attractions, events and gatherings happening at any given time of the year, but especially in the summer.

But among the street performers, theatre and arts events, I never expected to be attending a festival centered around the love of our feline friends!  Armed with my cat-themed ensemble and a sense of curiosity I ventured out to Edmonton’s first international Cat Fest.


The event was organized as a fundraiser for our local humane society. It was a lively afternoon filled with cat video screenings, academic discussions about WHY cats are so trendy right now, and if it will just pass as just a fad, talks about cat personality types and even a photo-contest beauty pageant.


Sprinkled with food trucks and cat-themed market vendors, the event was a really great atmosphere…especially since we got to actually visit some furry friends! Some from the Humane Society, others from local breeders and show societies, it was a perfect opportunity to sneak in some fuzz therapy.


I am looking forward to next year’s event and am excited to see how the event grows and evolves. Who knows, maybe in a few years it will grow to be that we’re known as the CAT festival city. A girl like me can dream.


A Kitty Photoshoot


A few summers ago I happened upon a working Polaroid 100 Land Camera at a garage sale for 20 bucks with all the accessories. When I took it home and began doing research, I stumbled upon this promotional image.


I immediately bookmarked it to re-create with my cat Cinnamon. Because, why not?


After some procrastination (and sort of forgetting about it), I finally made it happen last weekend. I had no idea how helpful Cinnamon would be taking part. She is a grumpy old lady who rarely cooperates, so I was crossing my fingers.

After assembling the set for the polaroid image, I carefully placed Cinnamon down and prayed she wouldn’t get mad that I moved her from her spot and run off in a huff. Miraculously she stayed. She started to sniff out her surroundings, and I guess the ball of yarn was a tad dusty…


(Thank goodness my camera was set to action mode)

I took some test shots on my DSLR, then fired up my polaroid to take the final shot. *Click*…..nothing. I swore I had saved my last shot of color film for this VERY reason, but alas. Nothing.


Piddles immediately intercepted the scene and it was all over. At least I had the test shots. Photoshop to the rescue!

I remade the set with the Polaroid camera in the shot, and prayed that Cinny had a few minutes of patience left in her. She didn’t bolt as fast as I assumed she would and we got it. After adding in the superimposed instant camera photo, here it is:


Cinnamon was quite grumpy with me after, but I admire her patience for even giving me a chance at getting this.

2014 and Setting Goals

2014 Goals // Boots & CatsYup, it’s that time of the year. Lets all take a look back on all our bad habits and resolve to change them for about 14 days (if you’re lucky).

When it comes to the New Year, I love reading my journal entries from 2013, usually skipping over the bad parts, looking forward to the adventures the new year will bring and setting goals. Instead of resolving to change what is negative, I set myself with some aspirations for what I want to accomplish. And while some habit changing might need to occur, I feel more positive about the experience, instead of beating myself up about what I am not doing.

Personally, I have a few sewing projects I want to check off my list, as well, I want to start a gratitude jar. Looking forward to a lot of fun projects this year.

For Boots & Cats here… well I have a few things in mind as well. Some goals for the blog in 2014 are:

  1. Write more regularly. At the beginning, I wanted to post every Wednesday, and soon after that all fell apart. My goal is to post once a week, and to post early on in the week (Monday-Wednesday) so there is some structure, but also some flexibility for myself.
  2. Try new forms of content… including video! Santa was very lovely to me this holiday so I am able to shoot HD videos now and am excited to see what I can come up with.
  3. Add more cats! When I started this blog, I wanted to focus on creative crafting, fashion & sewing, and cats. Somehow along the way the latter portion has fallen behind. NO MORE!
  4. Collaborate/ work with other creatives more. It is so energizing to work with others to bounce ideas and get inspired, but I find that I am severely lacking in that department. With this more social aspect, I can fuel even better and more exciting content.

There is my list of goals. For all of you to see. Now if you notice I am falling behind, snap me out of it and kick my butt in gear! Here is to a very very exciting 2014.

Gallery Wall

Gallery wall// Boots & Cats

Here it is! Finally, after all those peeks… the gallery wall is up in my living space. I am quite pleased with it if I do say so myself.

mapping // Boots & Cats

It was an interesting process for me, as I am a perfectionist until the end, taking that step to put nails in the wall was a tough one. At the beginning I was worried I’d have put hundreds of holes in the wall before I got my result. To make sure that didn’t happen I traced the size and shape of each print and frame I wanted to hang  onto brown packing paper (newsprint would also work well). I taped them to the wall with washi tape. With this I could play with the arrangement and spacing of my frames to make sure it worked well on the wall space and had even balance.


Then to make sure I was 100% precise, I measured the distance (height and width) of the frame hook and marked it on the paper.


This probably could have been done before placing them on the wall, but I hadn’t thought that far ahead.

rrrrrip // Boots & Cats

From there I could just plunk the nails where I marked my X, and rip the paper away.


I then hung all my frames and voila! It was a lot easier than I had initially expected, and I am happy I took the steps to make sure everything was as perfect as I could get.

because cats //Boots & Cats

I really wanted to make sure my wall looked curated and not totally thrown together. I arranged my prints on the floor before taping the paper to the wall to get a general idea of what looked good together. I wanted an even distribution of color, size and frame weight. (I also unintentionally discovered the combo “You can do anything, but not everything…because cats”. Amazing)


I was also happy to incorporate my thread rack into the visual mix, since this wall is a part of my creative space.


In summary, my tips for a successful gallery wall:

  • Choose artwork or photos with a general theme or color palette. Most of my images relate to cats, but the ones that don’t have similar artistic styles, or are photos with similar colors. It is an eclectic mix, but still cohesive.
  • Make sure there is visual balance between light and heavy pieces, as well as spacing.
  • Map out the placement beforehand to see how the shapes work in your space.
  • Just go for it! You can always change it up, or even just change a few pieces as time goes on. (Patching holes in drywall isn’t all that bad, right?)

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Original Image-Slim Payley// Text Edit-Boots & Cats

Original Image-Slim Payley// Text Edit-Boots & Cats

I am ashamed to admit that it is only now, nearly 2 full months of living in a new apartment, that I have reached the point where I can start decorating. Between the unpacking, organizing, summer trips and social events, I knew that beginning to pretty-fy this place would only get in the way unless I waited. But alas, the wait is over! Everything practical is in it’s place and the walls and floor space is bare and open to anything I wish! A girl could probably go overboard with this type of freedom, so I am just going to take it one step at a time, just to be safe.

The first project on the decorating to-do is to curate and hang a ‘gallery wall’ in my living room / workspace. I have really been infatuated with this trend for hanging art and photos in a seemingly disorganized cluster. I have a few starting prints and photos I want to hang, but I need to find the last few pieces to fill the holes in the space.

It goes without saying I like fashion, saturated colors…and cats. Most of the prints will have something to do with these.

Here are the images I am crushing on at the moment. I’ll post photos once the wall is hanging in all it’s glory. Some of these you may find on the wall, others are serving as inspiration for pieces I might try to make myself to feature.

Because Cats- Society 6

Because Cats- Society 6

Yellow Gown- Paperfashion

Summer Yellow- Paperfashion

Feel Beautiful Today - Pink Lemonade

Feel Beautiful Today – Pink Lemonade

Anything Not Everything - Charm & Gumption

Anything Not Everything – Charm & Gumption

Have a purr-fect weekend everyone!

Spread The Love- Liebster Award


Last week I was checking up on the blog, and to my lovely surprise I was nominated for a Leibster award! The talented Eclectic Threads did me the honor. (Make sure you check out her blog too. It is full of all types of sewing and vintage love.) I was a little giddy that someone thought my blog was good enough to share with their readers, I couldn’t not do the same. (Plus we are in the middle of moving and chaos so all my crafting supplies are packed up!)

Basically this award is like a big collaborative love fest, where, in the style of those email chain letters we sent in jr. high, we nominate other small blogs to get their names out and encouraging people to discover new blogs. It works like this; you begin by sharing 11 facts about yourself, followed by answering 11 questions that you were asked, then nominating 11 other small (less than 200 followers, though when I googled some people go by less than 3000 followers, but anyway) blogs, and leaving 11 questions for them to answer. What fun. Here we go!


Phase 1- 11 Facts

1. I love cats. Didn’t you know? I remember checking out books about cats from the school library in elementary. The greatest day of my young life was getting my cat Cinnamon in 1998. So I loved cats before it was cool. (How hipster of me…)

2. I also really like tomatoes. Like, I will eat the big ones fresh like an apple. Rory thinks they are the grossest thing. Guess it means we are a good match. I get to eat all his discarded tomatoes.

3. My current fitness activity is hula hooping. It is so much fun and there are endless tricks and variations you can just keep spinning all day!

4. I have never traveled anywhere outside Canada or the United States. Though it is definitely not from lack of want. I am at the age in my life where at least 3 people I know are travelling in Europe or Asia or Australia at any given time. It’s hard to not be jealous. One day!

5. My university degree was in Clothing and Textiles. We covered everything there is to do with the concept of clothing from costume history, pattern drafting, design, material culture studies, surface design, textile sciences and business. I came out of there very well rounded, but now I want to focus on print design.

6. I am naturally blonde. I don’t think it suits me though.

7. I have a small (but growing) collection of vintage dresses that I love but I never wear out of fear of ruining them.

8. I hate my handwriting. I feel like it looks messy, and not in a good way. I am eternally striving for cute, pretty, flowy script.

9. I have a mild journal addiction. In that every time I see a pretty notebook or journal, I have to have it. Even if I don’t need it. At the moment I have 5 different blank books waiting to have something written in them.

10. Growing up, my favorite movie was Legally Blonde. I still know all the words to it. If you asked me today I don’t really know what I would say. I like a lot of different things for a lot of different reasons.

11. My latest television obsession may or may not be watching old episodes of Reboot.

Phase 2- 11 Answers

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Hmm, that is a toughie. Right now I probably will say Montreal, but there are so many other places I haven’t visited yet to know if I would want to live there or not. Maybe somewhere in Europe.

2. What is the favourite age you’ve been so far? Right now! It’s such an exciting time; being done school, starting new creative endeavors, planning new adventures. It’s perfect.

3. What was your favourite subject at school? I obviously loved Fashion/sewing class, as well as Art and Drama, but I also had a soft spot for History.

4. If you could go back in time and live in any era, which would it be? The late 50’s/ Early 60’s. I have been told many a time I am living in the wrong era.

5. What is your fail-safe dinner-party recipe? Chocolate, toffee and Bailey’s trifle.

6. What animal are you most like? A cat. I sleep in without even meaning to, can be shy at first and I like to bat around shiny things.

7. Do you have a life plan, or do you prefer to coast along and take things as they come? I like to plan things relatively short term, within a year- 3 years , to let life intervene as it may, but always having the big dreams in the back of my mind.

8. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? My first instinct tells me cheese, but I am going to be smart about this and say my Grandpa’s homemade slurpin’ soup. (There are spaghetti noodles in it) It is full of vegetables and noodles and goodness, so I could pick apart components as I got tired of eating the same meal again and again.

9. What is your most treasured possession? I am big on memories, so my photos and journals I have been keeping since I was pretty young.

10. What is your favourite Disney film? Beauty and the Beast.

11. Name five people, dead or alive, fictional or real, that you would invite to your dream dinner party. I think I would want a beautifully planned dinner party with women who are ambitious, strong willed and have amazing style. Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Garance Dore and Elsie Larson. I have no idea how the conversation would go.

Phase 3- 11 Blogs

Here are my 11 blogs I am nominating. I didn’t check their exact numbers of followers, so some may have more than 200, but I don’t care. These blogs are a huge influence to me and inspire me in very different ways, and I want to share them with you!

Retro Reporter– An awesome blog to read for vintage gals! Laurie is so stylish and has some pretty awesome posts about living the vintage girl life in the modern world.

Peaches and Mischief– An inspiring blog from a gal I met at Blogshop in Vancouver. She has an amazing aesthetic that is really refreshing to see as she shares style posts and downloadables.

Squirrelley Minds– Another fellow Blogshopper, Tan has an impeccably crafted blog and shares beautiful crafty DIY’s often. Its a pretty amazing blog to start following.

C’est Moi [Say-mouah]– I met Julianna in our University program and loved her style and enthusiasm. She captures both wholeheartedly in her blog where she mostly shares her photography work.

TEXTURES– This is the blog of Montreal based textile wholesaler, Télio. Here they share inspirations, fabrics and DIYs almost daily. It’s a fairly new blog, but it is already on my daily gotta-check-it list.

The Design Center– This is another fabric inspiration site that I love. Based from The Design Center at Philadelphia University, this tumblr posts daily images of vintage textile swatches.

Danger De Lux– This is a really unique blog focusing on retro and rockabilly lifestyle and fashion. The style posts are my favorite. She also has her own accessories line she sells on Etsy. So much fun.

The Advantage of Doing  This blog is full of inspiration and stories of people who aren’t afraid to go for their dreams. The author is a writer and avid traveler, so it is an easy read and there are fun stories. It hasn’t been updated recently since she is off traveling the world. So lucky.

Cupcakes and Asanas– Claire has some really cool craft projects going on, and her posts are always really fun and upbeat to read. And who doesn’t love cupcakes, too?

Canvas and Thread I love following blogs of textile designers, and this is no exception. I love seeing inspiration and process. Plus she has the cutest SpoonFlower shop.

Danielle S. Fuechtmann– Danielle has an exciting spirit and it is fun to read her posts. She has some serious style and she covers local fashion events, but I think one of my favorite segments has been Manners Monday.

Phase 4- 11 Questions

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

2. What is your best pick-me-up song?

3. If you could be someone else for one day, who would you be?

4. Do you have any ‘unique’ talents?

5. What is your favorite piece of literature?

6. Do you have a signature fashion style or do you mix it up a lot?

7. Do you have a hipster ‘thing’ (Something you loved before it was cool)?

8. What is your favorite season?

9. Have you ever had a near-death experience?

10. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?