Me-Made-May // Week 1

Me-Made-May Week 1 // Boots & Cats

I don’t know if this week feels like it’s been longer or shorter than usual, but mindfully documenting yourself daily definitely keeps you far more aware of the passage of time.

So far Me Made May has been wonderful, I am finding excitement each morning deciding what items to wear. It’s also dutifully fulfilling it’s purpose for finding holes in my wardrobe. It seems I am quite fond of making nice, lovely, more ‘dressed up’ things. I need to make more comfortable, lazy, ‘I don’t really feel like getting dressed’ clothes. The Hudson pants from the Perfect Pattern Parcel just jumped up a few places in the queue.

Besides running out of options, one of my biggest fears for this challenge was the aspect of taking photos everyday. I’ve never really been happy with the selfies I take and it’s so hard for me to get interesting shots by myself. So, beyond being merely a clothing challenge, I have taken it upon myself to have this be a solo photography challenge too! I figure if I have to do this every single day this month I’ll have to resort to creativity and break out of my shell (ie, the only 3 poses that I like) if I want to keep things somewhat interesting for myself and for others.

In case you aren’t following along on Instagram (#MMMay15), here are this week’s me-made highlights:

Day 1: Tilly and the Buttons Coco Top

Me-Made-May Day 1 // Boots & Cats

The perfect casual Friday sweater. I LOVE this pattern, and it’s really only my lack of access to quality knits that keeps me from making more. I purposely made this one to look like the one on the cover. It was too perfect in so many ways. I have some crazy printed retro capri pants that matches this perfectly too. That outfit will definitely make an appearance later this month.

Day 2: Sewaholic Belcarra Blouse

Me-Made-May Day 2 // Boots & Cats

I squeeeezed this top from an off-cut of vintage fabric and it is one of my favourite makes to date. This was the garment that set off the lightbulb in my head that I could make clothing that was really wearable for everyday. It also happened that I was teaching some friends how to make that pattern that day! I also taught the Hollyburn skirt and it was 12 hours of sewing madness. I will definitely post about THAT adventure soon.

Day 3: Hand-dyed silk scarf

Me-Made-May Day 3 // Boots & Cats

After the madness of the day before, it was an all-day pajama day, but I added a little flair with my scarf. I dyed this in a silk painting workshop nearly two years ago and I love wearing it up like this, or with the tie in the back for a more vintage feel.

Day 4: V1236 “Sack” Dress

Me-Made-May Day 4 // Boots & Cats

This make is a few years old but is a lovely staple I really should wear more often. I had forgotten the pattern at first, but I dug it out and it’s Vouge 1236 (DKNY). I call it the sack dress because there are no closures and you just slide it on and cinch the waist. The fabric is a little stiff and wrinkly, but I think the shape is really flattering and it’s great for work. And it has pockets. What more do you need?

Day 5: Mouse House Julia Cardigan

Me-Made-May Day 5 // Boots & Cats

I am very proud of myself for getting all the way to day 5 before busting this one out. I love love love my Julia and it’s the best spring transition sweater I currently have made with a super soft bamboo knit.

Day 6: Grainline Linden

Me-Made-May Day 6 // Boots & Cats

That is, if it is still spring after all…yes it snowed on Wednesday, an all day blizzard too. I’m lukcy to have Linden in my aresenal for when things are less than ideal outside. Also, polka dots!

Day 7: We Are Knitters High Line Loop

Me-Made-May Day 7 // Boots & Cats

Though I was just getting accustomed to warmer weather, the chill in the air made it an appropriate opportunity to toss my new knit scarf into the Me Made mix for running errands in the evening. Silver linings?

Moments in Colour


It is kind of amazing how camera phones have changed our photographic lives. I remember having lots of pictures taken as a kid, then having them developed and making them into albums. I remember getting my first point and shoot that was only mine to use, and having the freedom to take 100 pictures of my friends and I at parties and picnics. I reached a point shortly after that, where I rarely took photos at all. I had an iPhone, but I only used it to take photos when I needed to. Then I started to notice the gap, about 2 years of my life where I only really had photos from other people I happened to get tagged in. I was losing pieces of my memories. So I started using my phone to take photos more frequently. Not just of the big events either, of the little things, bright colors and things that inspired me. I now almost have more pictures than I know what to do with! But I’ll take it! It is far better than the alternative. I decided to share some of them with you today, but with a little twist. I will also create the color palettes that inspired me within the photo to accompany them, to keep things exciting.

I took this photo while hula hooping last summer. It took about 10 tries to actually get the hoop in the frame.

I took this photo while hula hooping last summer. It took about 10 tries to actually get the hoop in the frame.


Offering cupcakes during an event at the retail store I work at.

Offering cupcakes during an event at the retail store I work at.


One of the many gorgeous sunsets that are seen from my Grandparent's backyard.

One of the many gorgeous sunsets that are seen from my Grandparent’s backyard.


My "I've finishing University and am now actually starting to live like an adult" present to myself.

My “I’ve-finished-University-and-am-now-actually-starting-to-live-like-an-adult” present to myself.


A portion of my display at Télio

A portion of my display at Télio


Wearing new shoes and my outfit that day.

Wearing new shoes and my outfit that day.

Let me know if you enjoy the palettes,  I quite enjoy them and might make them more frequently. I find color to be one of the most inspiring things. Seeing how they can react together in wonderful and interesting ways has always been fascinating to me.