A Kitty Photoshoot


A few summers ago I happened upon a working Polaroid 100 Land Camera at a garage sale for 20 bucks with all the accessories. When I took it home and began doing research, I stumbled upon this promotional image.


I immediately bookmarked it to re-create with my cat Cinnamon. Because, why not?


After some procrastination (and sort of forgetting about it), I finally made it happen last weekend. I had no idea how helpful Cinnamon would be taking part. She is a grumpy old lady who rarely cooperates, so I was crossing my fingers.

After assembling the set for the polaroid image, I carefully placed Cinnamon down and prayed she wouldn’t get mad that I moved her from her spot and run off in a huff. Miraculously she stayed. She started to sniff out her surroundings, and I guess the ball of yarn was a tad dusty…


(Thank goodness my camera was set to action mode)

I took some test shots on my DSLR, then fired up my polaroid to take the final shot. *Click*…..nothing. I swore I had saved my last shot of color film for this VERY reason, but alas. Nothing.


Piddles immediately intercepted the scene and it was all over. At least I had the test shots. Photoshop to the rescue!

I remade the set with the Polaroid camera in the shot, and prayed that Cinny had a few minutes of patience left in her. She didn’t bolt as fast as I assumed she would and we got it. After adding in the superimposed instant camera photo, here it is:


Cinnamon was quite grumpy with me after, but I admire her patience for even giving me a chance at getting this.